Friday, April 10, 2009

The Isle of the Frog

Last fall, I kicked off a short campaign with an adventure loosely (and I do mean loosely) inspired by Dave Arneson's "Temple of the Frog." When Amityville Mike posted his "Fane of St. Toad," I was inspired to do something similar. Rather than writing up an adventure in detail, though, I thought I'd post all my game notes from the adventure we played last fall. I'll follow up by describing some of what happened in the session. 

I'll start with the game notes. I'm always curious about what other people's notes actually look like, and I can't be the only one. So here is a complete set of all my pre- and post-game notes for "The Isle of the Frog" (which bills itself as "The Emerald Isle" to new visitors). I ran the game with these notes, a couple rule books, and some dice. We used the Moldvay Basic book as our rules set. I originally had drawn the dungeon map to match some Dungeon Tiles that I had, but when we played the game we actually didn't use any tiles or minis. And NPCs and location names that were needed in play were either just made up by one of us or rolled up using tables from The Risus Companion ("That Last #@!% Cliche" and "The Megaversal Omnigroovy Background Machine"). I rolled random encounter results from The Monster and Treasure Assortment. Expert gaming archaeologists may find all sorts of clues about where I was stealing from with careful study of the notes. 

The maps are at the top of this post (here's another link to the pdf). 

My pre-session notes

My in-game notes (passage of time in game turns, etc) and my post-session notes and planning for the next session. 

Some NPCs -- the crew of the players' ship. 

Next time, I'll talk about how the adventure actually went down in play.