Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vassili's Book of Conjurations

Rumors are spreading that the cliffside manse of Vassili (a wizard of no small renown) was burgled last night. His windows broken. His ledgers disturbed. His hat collection plundered.

And his grimoire of conjurations purloined.

What secrets lie within this mysterious tome?

Vassili's Book of Conjurations
A heavy, leather bound book of considerable age. Most of its pages are missing, some torn, some rotted away. The remaining pages are waterlogged, the ink barely legible at best. Its warped cover is adorned with the arcane sigil of House Capello. With much time and patience, the following lore can be won from the book.
  • A genealogy of the Capello family going back to its founding days in the halls of the Great School of Magic, in the days before that unfortunate business with the end of the world.
  • A treatise on the drawing of magical circles that bind both men and beasts in timeless stasis. If the drawing of the circle is not aligned exactly with the seasons and the moon, dire consequences are foreordained!
  • A magico-philosophical thesis on the 321 elementals, demons, spirits, and sandestins of earth, and the conditions of their habitations and progenitures.
The following spells can also still be deciphered:

Level 1: Normal Aura, Read Magic, Vassili's Cocky Cap
Level 2: Vassili's Whirling Blade
Level 3: Alacrity

Vassili will surely seek vengeance on those who stole his book of lore. And the vengeance of a wizard without his spellbook can be a weird and petty thing. Burglars beware...