Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vassili's Cocky Cap

Magic User Spell, Level 1

Vassili's Cocky Cap
Range: Touch
Duration: 1d6 + 1 hour per level (until activated)
Effect: One living creature (the wearer of the cap)

When cast upon an appropriately stylish hat, cap, or bonnet, this spell imbues the hat with diverse protective wards and charms. If the wearer of Vassili's Cocky Cap fails a saving throw versus a magical attack, they are immediately granted a second saving throw to ward off the contemptible offense. Furthermore, for the duration of the spell, the cap does not slip or fall off, it cannot be lost, and it cannot be snatched from the wizard's head or otherwise disturbed. It can only be removed by the wearer, whether it be doffed in a show of politeness or it be removed to be freely granted to another.

If the spell is cast on a hat that lacks style and panache, however, the spell becomes capricious. The hat tends to slip forward over the wearer's eyes, fall off at inoportune times, and leave the hair badly mussed. Furthermore, when the wearer fails a saving throw, there is a 2 in 6 chance that the hat falls off at that very moment and fails to grant its wearer any protection at all.

The first time the spell is cast upon a new hat, cap, or bonnet, the DM will make a ruling on the stylishness of the hat. The player is encouraged to sketch, paint, or tailor the hat so that the DM may make a just ruling. A poem about the hat may also prove acceptible.

Once a given hat has been ruled sufficiently stylish, the spell will always accept that particular hat on future castings of the spell.