Friday, April 2, 2010

Rickety and the Swells

The Rainy City is surrounded by a tempest-wracked sea. Wretched salvage gangs, brazen pirates, and hardened monster-trawlers sail the storm swells to their own desperate ends. Reports from these mariners and the captains of refugee ships speak of nine great cycles in the storm and of the nine great waves encircling the city. Beyond the ninth wave, it is said, lies the end of all worlds.

It is by these waves that rainy city mariners navigate, such as they can.

Refugee ships are tossed into the outer swells by the maelstroms that have destroyed their home worlds. The storms of the Outer Swells are fiercest, smashing many ships before they even approach the refuge of the Rainy City. Out here there also are monsters: great serpents and demons of wind and wave and thunder. Those ships fortunate enough to survive this passage find no rest, for in the middle swells lurk pirates in fast cutters seeking treasures from lost worlds. Salvage crews pick up where they leave off.

Lost ships may spot a dim light among the waves and finally find hope for refuge.

But they will not find it in Rickety.

(Thanks to Warbeard for his newest contribution to the Rainy City!)