Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Fantasy Trip Reference Sheets

The Fantasy Trip is a fantastic game, but not one of the best organized. This is especially true for the listings of talents and spells, which aren't very efficient when needed for quick reference during character creation or at the table. Because of this, I've created a few of summary sheets and alphabetical reference booklets, which I use when we play the game, alongside David O. Miller's excellent play aides. Thanks to Fenway5's recent Melee/Wizard/TFT kick, I've decided to share thesee. I hope someone find them useful.

The following are simple summary tables of the talents (along with prerequisites) and spells. There are two versions of each table: one full alphabetical listing and one organized by IQ requirement.
Reference Booklets
I often find that I need to look up a talent or skill, and finding its specific effects goes much faster with a full alphabetized list. The following files are meant for booklet style printing. I keep a copy of each handy whenever I'm running the game.
Also, check out Fenway5's recent series of posts. He's been talking about Melee, Wizard, and The Fantasy Trip over the last few days, not only sharing a cool link to a copy of Melee he found, but also releasing his own Sword & Shield combat game for free on his Roguish FRP blog.