Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Fantasy Trip / GURPS Compatibility

Anyone savvy with both The Fantasy Trip and GURPS?

I have a question, and it's probably better for a web forum but I'll ask it here first anyway. I like The Fantasy Trip quite a bit, and its Advanced Melee + Advanced Wizard + In the Labyrinth version is something of a sweet spot for me in terms of system-level complexity. I like a little complexity but not too much, and it's just about right for me. 

Now, I know it's GURPS's ancestor, and I've looked at GURPS a bit, but I don't like GURPS's character creation, which is way too fiddly for my taste, and I also think TFT has a more flavorful magic system. I prefer it more or less in every way. 

Anyway, I was talking with a friend about how interesting/desirable it would be to be able to associate certain magical traditions, uh, idioms let's say, to certain cultures, groups, even sects. I know GURPS has a lot of alternative ways to do magic, especially if you dig into GURPS Thaumatology

How much work would it be to dip into Thaumatology for alternate magic systems, and (more importantly, actually) what would be the tricky bits, things to watch out for, things you could easily go horribly wrong with because they may appear analogous but aren't as analogous as one might expect?