Friday, February 10, 2012

The Birth of the Lightning Ooze

This was two weeks ago.
Lynn: "I cut off its head."
Du'an: "Is that how you solve all your problems?"
The adventurers:

  • Torg, half-orc priest of the Sun
  • The Thief, Lynn
  • Uruz, half-orc soldier
  • Demonica, trident-wielding bounty huntress 
  • Maundering, a sickly apothecary
  • Du'an, savior of his people
  • Barrel, dungeon mechanic
  • Ashiz, ugly elf

Who returned to that Wizard's Test dungeon in the Ruin Sea. None dared the doors of life and death on this day. They did, however, destroy a small ziggurat full of skeletons, steal gems from the eyes of statues, bear the curse of the idol, interfere with a a congregation of skeletons who were worshipping a demon idol, and give in to the urge to pick up a wizard's staff that blasted any who touched it with lightning.

Of course, at least two different adventurers insisted on picking it up before they decided to temporarily leave it lie.

And the expedition was a success, all-in-all.

Until that fateful decision to go back down for the staff on their way out of the dungeon. After all, it would only be a short detour (2 turns). A risk of but a single wandering monster check. Only a 1 in 6 chance. What could possibly go wrong?

The gray ooze that wandered in between them and the exit destroyed equipment, separated the party, and took out a number of them. Some party members were able to jump it to safety, but the thief Lynn landed in it. Torg went into the ooze to save her and was felled by its debilitating corrosiveness (Never save a drowning friend unless you are a trained lifeguard and excellent swimmer. Protip: You can't swim in gray ooze.). Those trapped below threw the staff onto it, which only made it a lightning-charged gray ooze (for the gray ooze is the one that ignores electricity damage). The trapped party members then fell back into a wizard's tomb and used the heavy sarcophogus to bar the door as best they could (which was not well). Those few who had made the leap past the ooze went to a room of a previous battle and brought corpses down to throw onto it, to feed it, in hopes that it would ignore their trapped allies. Eventually, by using said corpses as stepping stones, the rest were able to get across.

In the end, a number of PCs ended up in the negative HP range. But none died. This was the second adventure in which Torg fell. But like his god, the sun, he rose again.

Needless to say, they never did get the staff. It remained on the ooze. And so it was that the Lightning Ooze of the Raven Sea was born.

And for all we know, it lives there still.