Thursday, February 16, 2012

From Prime Ledger of Tother-ka Baarya

Day 46: Exile on Prime continues. Made transition near region called Ruin Sea. Not impressed. Slum districts of Tu'narath more interesting than this cold water waste. Main ruling faction's bunch of raven berks. Do not rumble. Rumors of gold and power in flooded mage ruins. Could Burning Gem of a Thousand Suns be here?

Made contact with non-raven assets. Expedition heading to ruins on island east of Dragon Mountain. Expedition leader, large burly tinkerer, claimed to know Burning Gem. Probably lying, but must follow all leads. Assets seem capable, for primes, especially orc half-breed basher and couple of hairy midgets. But one berk might see through mind's eye. Must watch carefully.

Day 47: Left raven burg by boat in early morning. Mentat wanker kept his distance. Hairy midgets exercised. Foreboding signs for rest of journey. Landed at target island midday. Tinkerer had map from previous penetration. Suggested investigating opening in ruin floor. Discovered tomb chamber with undead mage. While primes dealt with mage bones, found cache of gold. Seems Vlaakith smiled upon me. During battle, entry cavern collapsed. Only escape was archway of black energy. Followed not-as-hairy midget through arch. Transitioned to arachnid swamp. Wet. While primes dithered over orc cutters nearby, determined location. Decided to show primes way out of swamp and dump. Heard rumors of Burning Gem in nearby Bone Fortress, but doubted primes would come along. Sod them. Will reconnect if they make it back to raven burg.