Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bedlam follows the First Sitting of Parliament

There is also news on the streets of unrest in the wake of the first parliament's meeting. 
A Member of the Rainy City Parliament, Mr. L'Carpetron Dookmarriot of the Honorable Associations of Liars, was found Beaten and Close to Death while Sleeping in His Own Bed the night after the first parliament. He is now in recovery and expected to recover fully.
The Flood Street Descendants and the Flood Street Gentlemen have since been seen in the vicinity of his Prominence Bluffs home, threatening residents who pass too near it on grounds of suspicion of conspiracy against the Parliament and Right Governance. At least one citizen, Jabob Whist of Bluff Corners, has been stabbed in the streets by members of the Flood Street Descendants on suspicion of Failure to Inform Parliament's Agents of His Certain Knowledge about the Perpetrators of Wrongful Violence against a Member of Parliament.
Lord Boz of Hill Top, master of the Flood Street Descendants has announced "Ten Fold. Ten Fold! There will be blood until the blood of Dookmarriot is repaid."
Jabob Whist of Bluff Corners's final words were "I thought I was on Cranberry Street."