Saturday, April 13, 2013

Publicans and PCs -- The Bythogoetic Assembly

A granite tablet with the following message was conveyed to the Parliament by a walking statue:
"The Mine Goblins (to use your term) announce our participation in your Parliament. These are troubled times, and while we have no great wish to walk the surface, still less do we want recent events to disrupt the trade which is beneficial to both our peoples, nor do we wish a breakdown in civic order that could result in our having to deal with refugees in the upper mines. The Bythogoetic Assembly is, therefore, sending an emissary: Sutler Fjarn. He will relay trade proposals to us, and we will reply through him; he has lived on the surface before. For now, the Deep Market will remain open, and merchants using the Open Way will not be barred (although the usual border tax will apply, and wizards will find that our usual gestures of hospitality are still in place). As a gesture of goodwill, we are also reducing the price of fine building stone; we will sell to the miners, and they to you. 
Good walls make good neighbors.
Hjarnik Deephand of the Assembly"
Sutler Fjarn dresses in the usual manner of his people: complex but subdued robes and a cloak over what might be chain mail, a broad-brimmed hat with a tarnished silver crown shading his rather dour and greyish face, and a serviceable and rune-etched mace at his side, the whole emitting a very faint odor of dry basalt and myrrh. His walk is a brisk and stoic one; he looks about infrequently and guardedly, and rarely at the sky. He appears to have tools, and has been heard to ask about rental prices. Particularly for basements.