Saturday, April 13, 2013

Publicans and PCs -- the Reclaimers of the Grand Glen and Alvin Allevious

The Reclaimers of the Grand Glen

Their vision, proclaimed far and wide:

"It is said that this is the end of the world.  Men wash to our shores with a feeling of loss for what they've left behind. They fear they will spend the rest of their days on this small island, until perhaps one day it too is claimed by the sea. Others cling to their gods, putting hope with the realms of the after-life. This is our weakness, our all too human short-sighted view of the way of things.  Our lives are like the brief spark of flint on steel, illuminating the walls of creation for such a flickering moment that we can not truly take it all in or comprehend the true nature of things.  This is but one moment in the cycle, the nadir, the final waning before the new flourishing.  The founding of a New Eden is at hand.  We, the Reclaimers of the Grand Glen, have taken it upon ourselves to usher in this new beginning, to aid in this birth of tomorrow."

What it seems they are doing and are interested in:

They seek to reclaim land on the west side of the Rainy City.  They have an interest in engineers and movers on one hand, but on the other hand they have a keen interest in unusual plant and animal specimens.  A good portion of people attached to the project have hung an almost religious hope on the outcome of the project's success. At least one backer has been able to provide them with significant financial backing to begin work on this.  Alvin Allevius, their public representative, works with others who may have the talents and resources to make this vision a reality.

Alvin Allevious - Councilman of the Parliament, Vessel of the Vision, Peace Maker

Alvin only wants peace and kindness, to improve the lot of all those in the Rainy City.  He is sensitive, empathic soul.  His blindness has only increased his sensitivity to others. He is soft spoken, but a clever negotiator.  He wears pure white robes and walks with a staff.  He wears a wide white blindfold over his eyes, a blindfold that is not quite enough to mask his soft and fabulously Bish features, or hold back his silky straight black hair. 

He has a very wide knowledge of history and other scholarly subjects.  He loves to visit with others, network, and make connections, broker deals leading to good outcomes.  He lives in an out of place looking, historically old but very well kept small granite and marble building that is reminiscent of a mausoleum or tiny chapel, tucked away in a small corner in the north west of Old Town, only a short walk from the foggy nimbus. 

Another character and faction from one of the players (Thanks Ben!).