Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Arnrigg, the Last Free Jarldom

Arnrigg and the Oldwark Riding

Arnrigg (also known as Arncliff or Eagle Cliff) sits at the heart of Oldwark Riding, the last free Riding in the Kingdom of the Seven Lakes. The King in Garmsby has acquiesced to the snow elves, quenching his hearth and inviting a snow elf advisor into his hall. His hill fort of Garmgata is now under snow elf rule. Orcish warbands have begun rebuilding the old ruined Vanoran keep at Carlin Howe, most northerly fort of the ancient Vanoran empire. Some say that Oldwark Riding is the last free Iotar Jarldom in all the north. To the east, some free Avenians still live in their traditional kingdom on the moors, and to the southwest, the hills of Ivarland are as yet unvisited by elvish hosts. To the far south, Heathen Knights have their own problems, warring along their southern border with the undead hordes of the rising Asturian legion.

You know all this because refugees from many lands have begun arriving in the port at Arnrigg, where the strongest Jarl of Oldwark Riding, Saemundr Konnalson, maintains his hall.

The snow elves have stopped their advance at the old Vanoran wall, the Bulwark, and have not ventured north of it into the riding. Some say it is because they dare not approach the Oldwark, a Tower of Old Hyperborea that haunts the heathen highlands. Others say they will have it and wait only for their hosts.

And some even whisper that the elves are afraid. For a man has opened the Oldwark.