Monday, June 30, 2014

Careers of the North: Huskarl

Huskarl (Iotar Career)      

Standard Skills
Athletics, Boating, Brawn, Combat Style (Iotar Shield Wall), Endurance, Evade, Unarmed   

Combat Style: Iotar Shield Wall
Primarily fights with Shortspear and Viking Shield or Longsword and Viking Shield; also trained with Longspear, Javelin, Dagger, Hatchet, Battle Axe, Great Axe, Short Bow.

Shield Wall (Benefit)
Allows a group of three or more shield users to combine their protection, adding one to hte number of locations which can be protected with passive blocking, and resisting Knockback, Leaping attacks and Bash as if using the Brace action.   

Professional Skills
Craft (esp. Farmsteading, Animal Husbandry), Lore (Heroes, Legends, Deeds, and Battles), Lore (Strategy and Tactics), Navigation, Oratory, Seamanship, Survival   

The Huskarl is the elite warrior of the Iotar. They are the companions, the fellowship, the warband, the elite hearthguard of Chieftains, Jarls, and Kings. They are the heart of the shield wall, the warriors that matter in the battle. Their chieftains give them rings of silver, mail, swords, and other gifts gained as spoils of war. For their part, they are the lords of their own large farmsteads as well.