Monday, June 23, 2014

Cultures of the North: the Iotar

The Iotar (Barbarian Culture)

Standard Skills
Athletics, Boating, Brawn, Endurance, First Aid, Locale, Perception

Combat Style: Iotar Shield Wall
Primarily fights with Shortspear and Viking Shield or Longsword and Viking Shield; also trained with Longspear, Javelin, Dagger, Hatchet, Battle Axe, Great Axe, Short Bow.

Shield Wall (Benefit)
Allows a group of three or more shield users to combine their protection, adding one to hte number of locations which can be protected with passive blocking, and resisting Knockback, Leaping attacks and Bash as if using the Brace action.

Professional Skills
Commerce, Craft (any, esp. Farming, Animal Husbandry), Healing, Lore (any), Navigate, Seamanship, Survival, Track

The first Iotar raiders came to these shores over one hundred years ago, crashing upon these lands in waves, conquering and making the lands their own. They are the chieftains of most of the north, but now they face a new challenge. The snow elves have driven them from the island of Hyperborea, back to the coastal North. The Ashen Throne sits empty. Those Iotar who still rule their chiefdoms do so under the thumb of the snow elves. For now.