Monday, July 7, 2014

Careers of the North: Magician

Magician (Kemi Career)     

Standard Skills
Customs, Deceit, Endurance, Influence, Insight, Locale, Willpower   

Professional Skills
Binding (Tradition), Devotion (Propitiatory Cult), Exhort, Folk Magic, Invocation (Old Northern Magic), Shaping, Trance   

The Kemi magician is a hero, leader, wise one, and adventurer all in one. Magicians are the cultural heroes of the Kemi, the men and women who propitiate the Bad Old North Wind, who intercourse with spirits, and who invoke strange eldest magics from the mythic age when the Kemi and the Hyperboreans were at war. It was the Magicians, it is said, who cast down proud Hyperborea’s sorcerous hosts. For Kemi magic was always greater than the magic of Hyperborea. For where are the Hyperboreans now? What is left but them but ruins and dust? Yet the Kemi live on.