Monday, July 7, 2014

Cultures of the North: Kemi

Kemi (Primitive Culture)     

Standard Skills
Athletics, Endurance, Evade, Locale, Perception, Stealth, Willpower   

Combat Style: Kemi Heroics
Shortspear, Longspear, Quarterstaff. Hatchet, Club, and Dagger. Short Bow.  Sword in the hands of the noble.

Skirmishing (Benefit)
This style permits launching ranged attacks while at a run or skiing (but not while sprinting).    

Professional Skills
Craft (Animal Husbandry), Folk Magic, Healing, Lore (any), Navigate, Survival, Track   

The Kemi are the people of the far north. They are herders and rovers, the people of the Greathorn Deer and of the Mammoth. They were here before the Iotar. Before the Hothar. Before the Avenians and the Ivarians. Kemi people live along the northernmost coasts of the Isle of Hyperborea and the far northeast of the mainland. They propitiate the north wind, but they do not worship him, for they know him too well. Their heroes are the wise and wizardly, and even the Iotar take care not to encroach too closely on their camps. Some whisper that it was a war between the Kemi and the Hyperboreans that led to the ultimate fall of both peoples.