Thursday, June 25, 2009

Personalities of the Rainy City -- Part III

  • Vengus Ult: Of course he does not peddle the wares of the guild. He is more a seller of tinctures and unguents.
  • Garmoud "The Bloody Handed": The city's lone master of the mysterious spell "Drenal's Stone Flame." He leaves nothing to chance when making a pact. He needs to know that he can trust you...
  • Regulus: An old school chum of Vengus Ult's, where by chum is meant "he too was at the school while Vengus was there. He knows that Vengus can be trusted. Vengus was always easy to keep an eye on. Arriving with his membership patch from the guild torn from his fine guild robes, he is a desperate man with something to hide. Will Vengus hide it for him, just for a little while?
  • Maleficus: Membership Enforcer for the guild. Have you seen Regulus lately? He has stolen important alchemical ingredients from the guild hall itself. You will, of course, let us know if you learn of Regulus's whereabouts. The guild will look kindly upon such cooperation.
  • Habitus Helveticus: His dashing messengers are the talk of the town. Oh the magics he must be casting to give them such fleetness of foot!
  • Ianus Tut: Newcomer to the city who has set up a manse at the bottom of Embassy Row. At all social gatherings, he speaks openly and freely of his plan to move up to the top of the Row. He's going up in the world. It is said when he arrived in the city he was seen wearing leather armor and walking through walls. This is unconfirmed and wholly scandalous rumor, he will assure you.
  • Ianus Tut's Neighbors: Recently their precious family heirlooms have been going missing. But it wouldn't be proper to blame such things on one's noble neighbors, of course, who must be people of honor to live in Embassy Row.
  • A Gargoyle on an Important Errand: Rumor has it that a gargoyle flying through a stormy night dropped a magic sword onto the cobblestone streets of the Tower Cliffs District.
  • An Unnamed Wizard's Servant: When an unnamed wizard's servant picked up the blade, he was compelled to strike down the nearest man. Now both servant and blade have vanished.
  • Schwiller: The boatman. He was out just last night and saw Vengus's old friend Jaelin the charmer out with a strange companion heading to the Mids, riding in a luxury raft with a roof. Oh, he didn't have time for old Schwiller's boat, no.
  • Jaelin the Charmer: Who knows what business he had with the shadowy stranger in the Mids. Schwiller would not care to speculate, not being the rumour-mongering sort.
  • A Scarred Stranger who Accompanied Jaelin the Charmer on some Errand Last Night: A newcomer to town, perhaps a refugee from a fallen world. No one knows what business he had with Jaelin the Charmer in the Mids.
  • Vassili, a Wizard of No Small Renown: Though his townhouse manse was broken into just last night, still he is out on the town once more with his faithful friends and companions for a night of debauchery. Tonight the angle of his hat looks particularly jaunty.
  • A Gargoyle Passing Overhead: He isn't circling, just passing by. Unless it's a very large circle. But surely he is not watching you.
  • Paintings of Wizards with Jaunty Hats and Prominent Noses: They cry out describing the intruders in Vassili's hall. Two men. One riding on the back of the other whose feet scarcely touch the ground. Hooded both. Faces obscured. One wearing a cloth kitchen napkin as a bandit mask, eyes hidden by alchemist's goggles. The other his right hand wrapped in a bloodstained rag.
  • A Great White Ape Dressed in Servant's Attire: Bored he looked, slouching in the drinking lounge on the second floor of Vassili's manse. Beside him, a half empty bottle of cognac. Around him drinks of every sort, some with a bluish glow.
  • A Dozen Sprites All Trapped in Bottles: Yes, they'll help you find the basement if only you will free them. No, they don't know what the pool of black water in the garden is. They make it a policy not to drink from magic pools. They thank you for your directions to a more hospital part of town. This "Sump" sounds quite nice.
  • The Shimmering Whirling Guardian: Not fast enough to catch a fairy. Not smart enough to see two grown men sneaking past while it swats at the sprites.
  • Schwiller's Boy, Jens: The quiet type. He'll gladly give you a ride back to the wharves. No questions asked.

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