Friday, July 31, 2009

Personalities of the Rainy City -- Part V

Rogues, villains, and miscreants from last week's game.
  • Vengus Ult: An alchemist who of late seems unusually well informed about the boat and ship market. What use could an alchemist have with a boat?
  • Garmoud, the Bloody Handed: Yes, his right hand is wrapped with tattered, bloody cloth. This does not mean he is not a man of character!
  • The Sprites of Sump Tree House: Harmless. They would not think of stealing your trinkets or oddments. Kindly cast your aspersions elsewhere!
  • Jaelin the Charmer: He does not understand this human obsession with coins and jewelries. He is able to live quite comfortably within his means, without these trifling human obsessions.
  • A Shattered Gargoyle beside a Jaunty Hat and Frayed Ropes: Found on the cobblestones of an Upper Mids Street last morning. Victim of a fall?
  • Elenia the Smuggler: Expert in the secure transport of heirlooms and collectibles. She has a business proposition -- a simple switch job -- just for you. You take this fake deck of magic cards, switch it with the real deck in the tower, and the senile old wizard need be none the wiser. Everyone gets to draw from the real deck, which produces many wonderful things! Then everyone gets a cut of the sale, which she will gladly broker. You know where to find her if you want the job.
  • Iambic Pentacular: A wizard of the Tower Cliffs, upstanding member of the parliament. Such a personage as he will inevitably be surrounded by the basest of gossip and rumors. Who would believe that he wears ghosts as cloaks against the weather and steal the life from babies with a touch of his hand. Still more fantastic, that a watery entity with his very form walks the streets and carries his messages to friend and foe. Have you seen it? And it is surely not true that a great hand miraculously held at bay an assassin who would have taken his life. Who would attempt to assassinate an upstanding member of parliament? Exactly. As for rumors that he has in his vaults a magical deck of wondrous and miscellaneous things? Surely, this is little more than speculation.
  • Lucius Sol: He is a businessman. Adventure is for the young. Yes, he sells potions in his shops. Is that a crime? The guild does not seem to mind, or they would have asked him politely to desist. He is quite happy with his little chain of shops. He mostly keeps to himself in the apartments above his spacious warehouse on the border of the wharves and the guild district.
  • The Dealer at the Sign of the Sol: Oh, yes, we carry the usual potions, the healers and the water breathers. No, the guild doesn't mind. Perhaps you'd be interested in this fine mirror? I'll shine it right up for you. Perhaps a good sturdy pole for deep delving, of the sort Lord Sol used to carry? It has been well tested, and highly recommended! We at the Sign of the Sol will do the thinking for you -- properly equipped, ingenuity is no longer a requirement for the budding adventurer!
  • Schwiller's Boy, Nik: You're looking well, in his humble estimation, Mr. Ult. Much less overburdened than the last time. And your friend has more color in his cheeks.
  • The Cap Killer of the Mids: There is a killer loose in the Mids. A man was murdered in a dark alley, a jaunty hat still sitting upon his head. Who will be the next victim? Why was the victim torn up as if by the claws of some great beast?
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice, who, by the way, has no idea what you are talking about: He has no recollection of finding some fabulous sword and going on a killing spree in the Tower Cl ifs before disappearing. The last few weeks are a bit fuzzy, sure. But if he found a magic sword, wouldn't you think he'd still have it?
  • The Whirling Blade of Smallside Lane: Did you just hear it passing after you closed the manse door?
  • The Lady Belladonna: Yes, it is a lonely life in the old Capella family cryptoboratories. Even a medusa needs friends. Your offer of a nice manse, a new name, and a fashionable bonnet and eyegoggles is accepted, Marco Durban! The Lady Belladonna is in your debt.
  • Marco Durban: The Lady Belladonna's only friend. His associates, however, were somewhat inept in losing the Lady's belongings. She has no more use for them!
  • Two Gargoyles of the Cryptoboratories with Bad Intentions: Well, yes, they could make a deal with you. Or they could simply kill you and take your treasures afterwards. Where are you going? And how have you sealed this trapdoor so tight? Clever mortals.

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