Friday, August 14, 2009

Gen Con Day One

It's Midnight already?

This humble blog won't be your best source of Gen Con news -- there are better places for that. What I can do instead is just jot down a few (idiocyncratic) notes.

Pathfinder seems to be doing well. Also, Jason Buhlman (lead designer on it) seems to be genuinely witty. He sold me on picking it up, and I had not planned on doing that.

GURPS Man-to-Man is nowhere to be found. I should have listened to Timeshadows and bought it from the internet instead. I'll remedy that as soon as I get back.

Troll and Toad is still the worst place to go for out of print games. Big booth, sure. Highest prices for OOP products at the con.

Gaming Paper is cool. It's inexpensive, simple (even obvious, in retrospect), and it is well suited to my half-assed, fly by the seat of my pants style of GMing. Also, I like keeping maps as artifacts of the campaign. Dry erase boards and battle mats don't do that. The Gaming Paper guys said they'll start offering hexpaper in Sept. Perfect.

Gaming book I bought today that I expect will get the most use? Rhialto's Book of Marvels for The Dying Earth rpg. The chapter on wizard's manses and the one on wizard's conclaves are both ripe for plundering for my rainy city campaign.

Speaking of which -- I hereby offer to run the rainy city as a pick up game here at the con at any time.

What else? The orc stomp, of course! Started the day with a run. It ended up being too short (about 2.5 miles), but it was nice to meet the other 12 people at Gen Con who are willing to go for an 8:00 AM run :-) Also, each runner got a pair of dice engraved with the event name. Little touches like that make all the difference.

Major disappointment so far would have to be that so many people I know aren't here this year. I'm missing you, folks.


  1. Ooh, if you already purchased Pathfinder RPG, you may as well get Fantasy Craft, too. :D

    > will be looking for Man to Man, again <

  2. Oh it is definitely on my watch list. Not sure if I'll end up with it before leaving the con or not, but very very possible.