Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Personalities of the Rainy City -- Part VII

Characters from last Sunday's session.
  • Vengus Ult: Alchemist-Philosopher with a humble apothecary shop. Of late, friends and customers alike have noted a developing interest in enchanted blades, a topic to which he increasingly often returns when conversation lags.
  • Elenia the Smuggler: Broker and transporter of sundry goods. Elenia likes to get to know new people in the neighborhood. If you are looking for work, she can recommend a crew that meets at an unassuming apothecary shop at at the western edge of the docks. They are as trustworthy as any others you will find in the rainy city.
  • Vespasia: Scion of a powerful thieves' guild in a desert world, newly arrived refugee in the rainy city. Slight of stature and also of intellect, her elite training carries her through even the most dangerous of missions. Especially keen-eyed when it comes to spotting traps, her talents are already improving her lot in life. From an abandoned warehouse down by the wharves, her successes have already moved her into an upscale apartment in the west end of the guild district. Now she turns her eye toward Embassy Row...
  • Garmoud "The Bloody Handed": Garmoud is a wizard. Anyone can see that! His wizard's staff is stout and arcane. His wand a strange and uncanny instrument. His tall hat is adorned with tiny stars at its point, growing larger as they "fall" to the brim, a pattern repeated on his robes. Yes, Garmoud is a wizard. Some say that his hats oft resemble those worn by the wizard Vassili. Perhaps they buy from the same hatter.
  • Jaelin the Charmer: The epitome of the Swashbuckler-Enchanter. His jacket and feather-topped swashbuckler's hat are both a regal purple. His fine plate armor is studded with brilliant gems. He has been seen flying into the sky from the doorstep of an unassuming apothecary shop at the edge of the docks. Is this the same immortal hero who did battle with the Whirling Blade of Smallside Lane some weeks ago? If so, surely he will soon take his place among the high wizards of the Tower Cliffs.
  • Zaam the Alacritous: Little is known of the archmage Zaam's magics and powers. He shows uncharacteristic discretion for a wizard. Mystery surrounds him.
  • Jack, Zaam's Apprentice: Since the unfortunate incident with the magic sword, he has kept mostly to his cleaning duties in the old wizard Zaam's tower.
  • A Gang of Wharf Rats: Somehow dirty in spite of the rain, these street urchins are more than happy to smash a few windows at the behest of a pretty lady, coin or no coin. They can even be counted to do it within an hour or so of the appointed time!
  • Lucius Sol: Retired adventurer, owner of a set of shops that cater to explorers and adventurers. He keeps a close eye on his shops, visiting them daily, and living in quarters just above his warehouse. When he is away, he protects his stock with devious and deadly traps.
  • The Warder and Ledger Keeper of Lucius Sol's Warehouse: Business-like, a hard worker. He keeps an eye on the what goes in and what comes out of the warehouse. But perhaps you're right, he is a bit hungry, and he could use a drink to warm him from the chill and the damp. He'll only be a minute, if you'd be good enough to watch the warehouse for him. You seem trustworthy.
  • A Many Eyed Floating Monstrosity, its Eyestalks Swivelling about in the Darkness: Few guardians are stranger than this weird creature in Lucius Sol's warehouse apartment. And a dangerous thing it is to engage! What other eldritch things has Sol dragged up from the arcane depths and into the city?
  • Thirteen Mid-Ranking Alchemists: They have made binding contracts, signed in blood, to serve Lucius Sol's best interests at Guild Conclaves. But why? This remains a mystery. Their names are Irvin Popp, Albertus Unger, Winsome Cornelius, Harvard Dore (diligent in his studies but mediocre in his results), Malleus Woldt, Onslow Eversore, Angela Seasbury, Harmonius Crane, Geraldine Crank, Pollonius Zinc, Sophia Spring, Bullard Orius, and Inzur Popp.
  • Circensus: Young, almost too young to be a full alchemist, yet he is fully certified by the guild. You can trust Circensus's wares. And you do wish to support local businesses, don't you?
  • Workman, boarding up one of Sol's shops: Stout, with a bristling moustache and a hammer. He's just one of many workmen out boarding up Sol's shops. The Alchemist's Guild finally cracked down on his potion-selling. It is amazing that it took them this long.
  • Schwiller, the Boatman: He'll be happy to tie up his boat to a tower of the sunken school of magic. He's heard tell the outer ring is a good place to enter. The central tower lies lower, beneath the waves, and no one who has entered there has ever returned. He does know the drop point, though, if you're committed to living dangerously.
  • A Giant Fish, with Sharp Teeth, a Black Back, and a White Underbelly: Swimming languidly nearly within the gates of the school. It doesn't seem to be taking any notice of you.
  • An Earth Elemental Summoned forth by Powerful Magics: Lay your bets! A creature of pure elemental earth, torn fresh from the very stones of the castle? Or a giant toothy fish with a bored attitude?
  • A Grey Cloaked Elf Waiting at the Top of the Stairs: Metal glints beneath his cloak. His sword gleams in the light from your torch. His companions all fell in battle with living spells! These spells wander the tower, freed from rotting pages, seeking their own alien ends. He wishes only to leave this cursed place.
  • Two Emaciated Students of the Great School of Magic: Gaunt, pale, and rotting. These two students would like to politely invite you to a tour of the school, if you'll only be so kind as to open the door...


  1. Wonderful, as are the other entries in this vein.

    Be safe, and enjoy GC'09.

  2. Good stuff. It was great to meet you through Brandon. I wish I had the time to shlosh around in your moist multiverse!


  3. Thanks! It was great meeting you as well. I'm looking forward to seeing Crassius the Crass hit the streets of the rainy city one of these days.