Monday, March 29, 2010

Images of the Rainy City

Sometimes folks sketch at the game table, allowing me to bring you a few images from our rainy city games! These pictures are all courtesy of others -- thanks to Warbeard, Crazyred, and Lee for helping bring the game to life.

Vengus Ult, Alchemist (by Warbeard)

Jaelin the Charmer, Myrmidon-Warlock (by Warbeard)

Bartholomew the Bald, Priest and Clerk (by Crazyred)

Bartholomew the Bald (by Warbeard)

Kraul Geist, Burglar (by Warbeard)

Thevin Goon, Cutpurse (by Lee)

Thevin Goon's map of the Rainy City (by Lee)

Investigating the chests in the haunted ship (by Crazyred)
Bartholomew the Bald goes for a walk (by Crazyred)

Schwiller, boatman of the Nimbus Channel (by Warbeard)

Vassili, A Wizard of No Small Renown, some time after his... incident (by Warbeard)


  1. Nice :)

    Whence the Character Sheet you are all using?

  2. Thanks!

    The character sheet I downloaded from Dragonsfoot, here. It's a nice, simple, one-page sheet that has worked well for us.

  3. Awesome. More to come of course.


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