Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blogging by whim

RPG blogging is a thing of whim and fancy for me, and lately my whims have returned to Street Fighter. I have a new RPG-related Street Fighter post up at the other blog, which I'll shameless promote here just one more time: Street Fighter martial arts, some explorations.

From here on out, I'll stick to keeping most of the street fighter stuff over there and D&D-cetera and general roleplaying stuff over here, so don't worry about this blog turning into a series of "look over there" type posts.


  1. Personally, I just put all my gaming crap in one blog. But the lack of focus probably scares people off.

  2. I thought about that too. Actually, I prefer your model of doing a single, general purpose gaming blog. If I hadn't already had that Street Fighter blog set up (and languishing) from a couple years ago, I probably would have done the same.