Thursday, November 25, 2010

Recently, on the Superhero Necromancer Channel

Here are some things we've been up to, of late.

In The Rainy City, a rather grim bunch stole into a necromancer's tower by night. Their intentions were not good.

This PC quote from the start of the session rather set the tone:

"I like dead people. They have things. Things that don't belong to nobody."

In The Royal Subterranean Diplomatic Corps, a recent diplomatic mission to Marrow Deep, led by a discredited (?) ranger, the layabout, underachieving 18th son of a nobleman, and the Justin Bieber of necromancers ended in... something resembling a treaty with a very bad dead thing, or demon perhaps. The distinction is probably academic. Also, a good hound was lost. The dead rose. Villagers slandered the king. And a god was threatened in a most unseemly manner.

In Gamma Terra, a ragtag crew of mutant boat people (why is it always boat people with this game?) encountered first hand the Curse of the Kill Bot somewhere along the waterways of rural Gamma Michigan. While they have stopped it, for now, before it could eat more people, it has already uploaded its consciousness to the scattered remains of the global satellite network. The kill bot is dead, but its curse lives on...

And finally, elsewhere, I updated my other blog that is never updated, with brand new Street Fighter content.

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