Tuesday, June 7, 2011

There are no Coincidences...

This is a principle, if you like, for a Mage game that's just starting out. The game's inspirations include a simple little bit of dialogue from Planetary: "It's a strange world." "Let's keep it that way." (Inspirations also include just about everything else about that book. Also, The Twilight Zone will probably be due for some dedicated viewing.)

Basic assumptions include that none of the setting from Mage is the setting for this game, or not necessarily. We'll build upwards and outwards. The rules are what they are, though, and we build from there. They're the chassis.

It's requiring me to dust off some different GMing tools than I've been using much lately. And maybe develop some new ones.

Today's principle is this.

"There are no coincidences."

This arises from both practical and fictional stuff. Practical because it's the modern world (sort of) and it's also an RPG (really) and some kinds of implausible things are bound to happen or have happened. Like the police officer might not arrest or properly question a group of suspects about an event that must have looked very suspicious from the officer's point of view. Why not? Practical reasons, maybe. It's an RPG. But that's not good enough.

On the other hand, fictional reasons... now we're talking. So that happened. The question now is why.

There are no coincidences.

If it seems strange, it probably is...