Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Kingdom of Dust

The Kingdom of Dust was a green, pleasant land, until the coming of the Master of the Desert Wind, who coveted its gentle breezes. It is now a parched wasteland of merciless dust storms.


  1. I'm loving the simple elegance of these 1 page areas. I'm tempted to yoink the idea for my own homebrew, when it comes to zooming in on the map a little more.

    What scale are you using for the hexes?

  2. For this campaign, I want the players to be able to get from place to place in relatively short time spans, so I've been treating them as 8 mile hexes when tracking travel. If you look closely at them with an eye toward realism, I'm sure that would totally fall apart.

    The world is a kind of post- post-apocalypse deal (we're in the "building a new future" stage rather than the "sucks to be you" stage), with a heavy dose of "a wizard did it" in terms of how the geography lines up. I'm drawing inspiration as much from The Legend of Zelda and Samurai Jack as I am from more naturalistic sources.