Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Fall of Torg

Last week, Torg died.

After falling to negative hit points at least once each session for three weeks in a row (and having fallen three times during the third session alone), it was during the fourth game that Torg, now second level, fell and did not rise.

Rage-inducing spores drove a fellow party member and fellow half-orc, this one a soldier, to do what no monster had managed.

Torg received a good field funeral, with a pyre and his treasures laid out around him. Which is more than can be said for those reckless companions who fell in the Slaughter at the Ruin Sea some weeks back.

Actual Play Reports
Three of the players have submitted actual play reports.

  1. The first is from the perspective of Andrew's Gith, a planewalker, exiled to this world. 
  2. The second is another report from the pen of Bill's gentleman Ghostwright, Bituminous Screed, to the authorities in Raven Port, and has to do with his tax obligations. (His previous letter to the Port Authority is here.)
  3. The third consists of the letters of Jacque's thief, Lynn, writing home to her sisters.
As before, they report the events of the game from each character's perspective and/or give some perspective on the character beyond the dungeon.


  1. I'm enjoying those in-character play reports. Very nice.

  2. Thanks for the note -- I'm glad to hear someone is enjoying these :-)