Friday, February 10, 2012

Less Death, More Drowning...

This was last week. Andrew DM'ed and I played. Below are two actual play reports submitted by players (in character).

(I probably shouldn't have to say this, but this is the internet, so I will -- all misspellings are indeed intentional.)

Report #1: The Diary of Tump Tolver

Dear Diary,
This is Tump.  I went adventuring the other day.  We went to the Tomb of Asimov and Hammerstein.  First I killed the devil, then we went swimming and Barrel turned into a mormon.  Next I killed to zombies and Atticus blew some snot out of his nose and made it fly.  Then I took a nap.  After that a tree killed a robot, then another robot tried to spit at me and I killed it.  Finally some guy with clove ciggarettes tried to steal my loot.  If he tries it again Ill cut his legs off so he can't run away very fast.  That'll make the orc happy, he doesnt like him.  Im going to try to delve some of these dungeons around the Ruin Sea this week.
I love you Diary,

Report #2: Mordecai's Field Notes. 
First expedition to the barrow downs. Strength of numbers is important for early expeditions. The quality of the minions is uneven at this point, but that is not unusual.
Tomb of the Brothers Zildrohar. Some good treasures, which I shared with the minions. Best to play to their strengths now. Later they will prove useful. Proper investing is important.
Re: the Drowning Room: Must get one of these when I build my own fortress. Well designed in general. However, grates must be maintained, otherwise they rust and weaken. Also, placing skeletons with wicked sharp knives behind the grates would increase their efficacy.
Evaluation of the Minion Potential of Expedition Team MembersThe Tump: Dangerous. Always talking about clubs. Also, surprisingly good at riddles. Minion potential -- high.
The Ghostwright (Bituminous Screed): Creates ectoplasmic beings which are outside my control. Either a charlatan, or very powerful. Watch this one carefully. Minion potential: If a charlatan, none; if very powerful, also none.
The Dwarf Treant (Oakbeard the Mighty): Unlike most trees, prone to rash and aggressive behavior. Very reasonable with treasure, however, and pointed in the right direction, this one could be used as a weapon. Minion potential -- satisfactory, weapon potential -- good.
The Orc (Torg): Deluded. In striking denial of its racial heritage, it worships the sun, which blinds it! More orc-like is its tendency to attack my undead minions, which it destroys out of jealousy. It remains a good soldier in other ways, however, risking its life to defend its companions. Minion potential -- none, I cannot overlook threats from my minions.
The Dungeon Engineer (Barrel): Adaptable. Used ingenuity to solve a number of problems for its companions. Can produce magical items of some value. Minion potential -- high.

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