Friday, February 10, 2012

A Letter to the Port Authority

A third PC's perspective on last week's session. You may be able to begin piecing together the actual events Rashomon style. (Which is to say, the actual events are probably irrecoverable...)

Letter from Screed to Port Authority:
I am quite honored that yr. esteemed Vigilences should continue to take an interest in my poor Pereginations after that thoroughly regrettable cultural misunderstanding, but I can assure you that no laws whatsoever were violated during my recent Consultations. My expertise was sought as part of an attempt to ameliorate a most unfortunate disruption of the spiritual world in a mausoleum outside RS borders; some of the Departed had lingered on quite distressingly, perhaps because of too highly valuing Earthly goods. It was in a sorry state, afflicted with gibbering demons, unconstrained evocational manifestations, and a severe groundwater incursion, but I and my expedition were largely successful in reharmonizing the ectoplasmic reticulum of the structure, even going so far as to remove the body of a lost Halfling who was haunting the foundations most frightfully.
While it is true that some lost souls attempted to follow one of our group home, I suspect it was because the lad is clearly Consumptive, and so visible from the Beyond. I am given to understand that Rev. Torgue has stated some reservations, and I would give these due weight of course -- he is a most upright and robust personage, and admirably inflexible in his devotions, being, I believe, at least part Foreign (Dutch, I would guess) - but please understand that I in no way participated in any Flouting of yr. Eminences' prohibitions against the Insufficiently Restful. The boy the souls followed  is, I believe, feverish from trying to clear his afflicted lungs with the demon Clove, and as I'm sure you know, that is not only ineffective but prevents the Pneuma from making its healthy excursions during sleep. 
As for our intentions,  you might also note that our group included members of the Dwarfish persuasion and also a Weremer, and a Peripatetic Oak (sp. Quercus Mobilis var. variforma); these are widely acknowledged in all the more valuable Esoterick Texts as being Anathema to thanatoaberrant Manifestations. We were a most plucky and law-abiding band! and sought only to be humble inspirations to the young.
I would also note that my spirit guide, the most excellent Transcendant Swami Lama Zoogoo Khan, gave his full endorsement to the expedition.
Yr. Obnt. Srvnt.
Bituminous Screed, D.E., GW (Lic), LLC.


  1. Wish my players did reports like this.

  2. Yeah, these are really cool. It happened spontaneously -- the player of Tump sent out his update to the email list we use to organize our weekly games. Happily, it snowballed from there.

  3. Lol!!

    A day fondly remembered... (sigh)