Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Low March

The Low March, once a frontier province for a long forgotten kingdom, now a focus for both adventurers, looking for riches in the regions many tombs and barrows, and the mysterious Red Hand, a shadowy organization looking to establish a foothold in the March. (The Low March comes to us courtesy of Andrew.)

Here is a player's map

Rumors about the Low March:

  1. There is a ruined shrine to some long-dead god of knowledge and learning located westerly across Lake Issis from the March's chief settlement, Laketown. Some folk tell tales of a secret scriptorium somewhere in or near the shrine that may still contain knowledge of the ancients. 
  2. To the north of Laketown is a rocky scrub region called the Stanlow, where peoples of past civilizations built elaborate tombs and barrows to house their dead. Rumored to contain vast riches, the region is also teeming with vicious undead and unscrupulous tomb raiders. One notable but isolated masoleum, nicknamed the Eye of the Beholder, holds a riddle that possibly leads to much danger and a cache of powerful ancient weapons.
  3. Somewhere in the forested hills north and west of Lake Issis (called the Kroom Headlands) sits the lost and undisturbed Tomb of the Cunnian. Local tales recall the Cunnian as a great explorer for some forgotten empire who walked dangerous and wild lands wielding only what was called the Staff of the Crushing Breeze. It is believed that the staff was buried w/ the Cunnian upon his death.
  4. Rumors abound of strange, spiked creatures roaming the March, attacking farmsteads and logging camps, bearing a unusual sigil -- the Red Hand. Elders in the logging village of Midwych, north-northwest of Laketown in the Kroom Headlands, have especially grown concerned about the attacks and have issued a call for help from any worthy and just heroes.

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