Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lynn's Letters Home

My littlest sister,

As winter begins to loosen its icy grasp from this diverse land my thoughts turn to you and your older sister more often, almost as if the snowy storms are clearing from my mind as well as the land.  How I miss you and your small, bright smile that lights my darkest of moods; just the memory of them lightens my downcast heart and fills my soul with peace.  Your 6th birthday is coming soon (how fast you are growing!) and it pains me to tell you that once again I will not be able to make the long trip home to visit you, but know that you are in my thoughts and I will make sure to eat a cake for you on that day.  Enclosed is a sum of money for you.  It should be enough for that flaxen-haired doll you wrote to me last time about and maybe a couple of dresses for her as well.  I will send more when I am able (dungeon-delving has not been as profitable as I was told it would be).  Please say your prayers for me, as sometimes this profession can be dangerous but I promise you that when I make enough money to pay for all your treatments and buy a house, we shall move there and live happily ever after!

With all my love,

My dearest Demma,

Hang in there dear sister.  I know this is hard on you and the temple is not that place you wish to be, but Olivia needs you now more than ever.  And no more pick-pocketing!  The head-priest wrote to me not too long ago saying you were caught yet again! You cannot help your sister if you are in prison and who will watch over her then!? I have sent enough to cover your basic needs and maybe a little more but please be wise in the things you choose to spend it on as knives are far to sharp for those yet unskilled hands of yours.  Courage sister, as this can only get easier as my group appears to be getting stronger and more able to handle itself in tough situations.  Keep your chin up and your hands to yourself!

With eternal love,

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