Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Gaming

It's that time of year. Format inspired by Noisms's list.

Games Played (in descending order of frequency, with the bottom half being one shots)

  • D&D (3.5) [as player & as GM]
  • Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game [GM]
  • D&D (AD&D 1st Edition) [player]
  • Traveller (Mongoose) [GM]
  • D&D (B/X) [GM]
  • D&D (ACKS) [player]
  • Dungeon World [player]
  • Technoir [player]
  • Other Dust [GM]
  • Marvel Super Heroes [GM]
  • Durance [*player]
  • The Fantasy Trip [GM]
  • Bulldogs [player]

As a player: Bulldogs. I played this at Gen Con in a demo session. Not interested in sharing the table with some stranger miming getting a blowjob in a space bar, double-plus not interested in the GM egging him on. Fuck that whole game session.

As a GM: Probably our last Traveller session. I've run it twice. The first session was a success, but the second session tanked. I'm thinking about how to restructure my approach to get this one right.

As a player: AD&D 1st edition. Over two sessions, we played the original Ravenloft module. A fucking laugh riot, with the GM enthusiastically reading all the boxed text and joining us in taking the piss out of the railroading (while also enforcing it). Seriously good beer and pretzels gaming.

As a GM: Street Fighter. Got to run this maybe five or six times this year, and man, that game just never gets old for me. The session where the PCs (loosely affiliated with Interpol) fought their way through a train being simultaneously attacked by Shadoloo agents, Illuminati agents, ninjas, and the sinister terrorist-assassin organization known as Chimera in order to protect an experimental spaceship was probably the most fun, but the Monaco session with the car chases and diamond heist plot was good times too, and then there was the Shin Shinobi-kai (ninja warrior, imagined as it would take place in the Street Fighter world). Yep. Street Fighter.

The MVP award to all my friends I game with. There's 6-10 of us, we game every Friday, we play a variety of things, and we trade off GMing so I get to play as well as run.