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A Few Opinions on the Thatchers, Shared with the Clangers

BOXMEN, Geeth: "Thatchers are overrated, they are. I've read all the books about tem, and look, I understand they're fighters and such, but it's not respectable, climbing around on people's houses and peeking in their windows." 

MASONS, Zebulon Tugg: "Couched as it is, this looks like an attack on an esteemed guild, but I know this is just your youthful vigor. I too see value in a commission of such kind. For the good of the guilds, of course, Thatchers included." 

BENEVOLENT ORDER: Adonis Fane quietly listens. Does not indicate whether or not he will support this move, but does indicate that if the guilds cannot defend their own, they are not worthy to maintain representation and rule. 

IDLEMAN'S GUILD: Idleman himself, "Look I know a little something about guilds, friend, and you're no guild. I don't know what your endgame is, but I know you're playing one. I'm not sticking my neck out on this one." 

RENOVATOR'S ASSOCIATION, Jophesus the Mighty: "This is right and proper. As a parliament, we should exert oversight. That is our very Good and Rightful mission." 

SPOUTING CLUB, the Waft: "It very much deserves rigorous debate before the house. The Thatchers are famous, of course, and beloved heroes of working men. All the better the challenge. We may not win it, and it is ok if we do not, but the debate will be worthwhile." 

SURLY CLUB, Fallow Lang: "Oh fuck off. What, you still haven't fucked off? Yes, alright, I suppose it'd ruffle some feathers. Already has. Want to join our club? No, we're not that interested in your damned legislation, but what the hell, go ahead with it." 

ALLIANCE FOR THE LEGITIMATION OF SHINE: "Well, they're a bit macho, climbing about in the rain, fighting on rooftops, and so on. Anyway, what did you say there? Sorry, got lost in thought. You want a hit of this? It's primo stuff."  

MONEYLENDERS, Cornelius Fink: "This is about guild power, and that's old power. Sometimes that's good, sometimes it isn't. I'll talk to my people, but I make no promises."

FERRYMEN, Edgar: "No sir. I know a lot of good men from the Thatchers. Sounds like a besmirchment of their good reputation." 

FLOOD STREET DESCENDANTS, Lord Boz of Hill Top: "Sounds like you want to rumble 'em. Good, I like it. I have no fight wiv 'em meself, them being known scrappers and that's respectable business it is. But you're scrappin' with a scrapper, and I can respect that." 

WORMERS: "Right. You kill a flying rock on a rooftop and you're a hero. Us, we're killing demons that're infesting your very home and hearth. Do we get any respect? No. Murderers. Can you believe that? What a suggestion. Worms are people. I say gargoyles are people then, how do you like that? So Thatchers is murderers too. That's what I say. To hell with 'em." 

TOOLMAKERS: "Friend, the Thatchers are one of the most respected public guilds in the city. Penny-books about their rooftop exploits are the favorite reading of the literate working man, and stories about their adventures are common pub tale-telling. Why Mr. John Bench himself is something of a folk hero, and that well-deserved. You are talking about good roof men, not bloody syphylitic Pumpers. There is no good in your legislation or your idea to besmirch the name of our honest working men, and I have no qualms to tell you that."

A Motion from the Clanger's Guild, Second Sitting

"Whereas the Most Esteemed Fraternity of Thatchers has argued countless times that the Rainy City is beset by the Innumerable and Lingering Gargoyle Menace; and

Whereas the Fraternity of Thatchers has demonstrated a Marked Inability to deal fundamentally with Said Menace that they themselves have identified; and

Whereas there is an Urgent and Identifiable Need to determine the Level of Said Lingering Gargoyle Menace and the Extent to which the Fraternity of Thatchers' Abject Failure has contributed to the Continuation and Exacerbation of the So-Called Problem;

SO IT BE MOVED that the Most Right and Proper Grand Public House of the Rainy City shall amend its Standing Orders to establish a Permanent Parliamentary Commission on Roofing and Roosting to study, monitor, and regulate the matters of roofing construction, gargoyle infestation, and guild malfeasance in maintaining building coverings throughout the Rainy City;

SO IT BE FURTHER MOVED that the new Commission shall have a five Publican membership, with the chair chosen by the First Publican and the remaining four members selected through Nomination and Affirmation on the Floor of the Grand Public House; 

SO IT BE FURTHER MOVED that no representatives or members of the Fraternity of Thatchers shall be allowed to hold membership on the Commission, due to the Most Obvious and Considered Conflicts of Interest inherent in Said Situation.

Offered for Debate by Panchen Tor, the Right Honourable Publican Member for the Clanger's Guild."

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Statement from the Speaker's Chair, Second Sitting

Statement from the Speaker's Chair
The Second Sitting, First Session, First Congress of the Grand Public House of the Rainy City

Most Right and Honourable Publicans of the Grand Public House,

It is with Great Sadness and Melancholy that I open this Sitting of the House, for it seems that in the Intermediate Period since we last took the Floor and embarked upon this Grand and Proper Governance of the Rainy City a Vile Outrage was perpetrated upon one of our own. While the Right Honourable Publican from the Honourable Association of Liars demonstrated in our Inaugural Sitting a level of Vociferousness and Free-Thinking not yet displayed in many other Publican members of this House, he in no way deserved the Physical Remonstrances that he received because of it. That this Poor Circumstance has now descended into Base Calumny cheapens further the Most Noble and Decent Experiment in Right Governance that we have embarked on.

In looking back through the Sandestin lore I have at my disposal, I came upon a most startling fact to which I was wholly unaware. Roughly 360 years ago, Inar Balamorus, the 2nd Sandestin, was at the forefront of a Failed and Forgotten Effort to provide Parliamentary Government to the Rainy City. In an attempt to contextualize the failure of his effort, Balamorus emphasized in a written account that it was Acrimony, Hostility, and Savagery which undermined Decorum and Comity between Constituencies. Ponder this Essential Statement for a Moment...

This Vital and Necessary Effort to establish a Legal Order in the Rainy City will founder on the rocks if we indulge only our Base and Animalist Nature in our associations with these proceedings. I urge all Right Publican members of this House to exercise restraint when it comes to the Give and Take of Reasoned Debate, so that Unfortunate and Tawdry Episodes, such as the Recent Contretemps with the Right Honourable Member from the Association of Liars, do not continue.

As Speaker of this August and Noble House, I am empowered by the Standing Orders to maintain the Concord of the House Floor. If Publican Members demonstrate an Inability or Unwillingness to respect Fellow Members outside the Confines of the House Proper, steps shall be taken to extend the Peace of the House beyond these most limited but sturdy walls.  

Do not needlessly cast us down to the Ruin of Our Forebearers. We are all that is left. We can be better.

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Cartoon Printed on a Handbill and Found Nailed to the Door of Parliament House

In the days leading up to the second sitting of Parliament, a cartoon has been circulating throughout the city. This cartoon is found nailed to the door of the Grand Public House when the Publicans arrive for the second sitting. 
  • The scene is the interior great hall of the Grand Public House in session. 
  • The cartoon features a caricature of the blind First Publican, Alvin Allevious, his hands reaching out and gingerly touching the well-formed, pretty face of an otherwise grotesquely fat larva. 
  • The caption reads, "I see it! Yes, it is a human being!" 
  • All around are the Publicans of the city, with eyes bulging and hands held up as if to say "Stop!" but their mouths too stuffed with pies to object, and the Speaker too blind to see them. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Representative of the Honorable Association of Liars Responds to the Violence Perpetrated against Him

We have it on the Good Word of Noble Servants that immediately Upon Awakening while still Within His Bed, L'Carpetron Dookmarriot sat up with Remarkable Vigor and said:
"It was the Sandestin and everybody knows it, that fascist."
Whereupon he did once more Pass Out upon his sheets with equal vigor.

Publicans have largely declined to comment, except to say that whatever a "fascist" is, it sounds most Unpleasant and Unbecoming of a Speaker of the Public House and that they are Most Certaine that the Sandestin would have no part in it.

Adonis Fane of the Benevolent Order had this to say, however:
"Like our Brethren Publicans and Representatives of the Will of the People, we know little of this "fascism" of which the Right Honorable L'Carpetron Dookmarriot speaks. However, if it means that Good Order will be kept in Parliament House and the Streets of this Great City, we are all for it." 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Reclaimers of the Grand Glen and the First Publican Respond to the Bedlam

Upon hearing news of L'Carpetron Dookmarriot's misfortune, the First Publican, Alvin Allevius, rushed to his residence accompanied by a delicate lady physicker who wore a blue and gold bonnet and dress. They were accompanied by a strong blond youth who kept watchful eye on the pair. As the lady finished her healthful ministrations to the wounded Mr. Dookmarriot, the First Publican stood on the front stoop of the Right Honorable Dookmarriot's residence and made the following speech:
"Many have memories of happier times before the deluge claimed their homes and brought them into the arms of the Rainy City, but for others the City is all they've ever known.  This first parliament is a grand experiment, to bring together all, to negotiate some kind of peace, and to bring about the improvement of our circumstances.  These are early days and mistakes will be made, but we must try as best we can. L'Carpetron Dookmarriot is a fine gentleman who I expect will make an excellent Publican, as he has so far.  This attack has troubled me, and so I summoned Miriam Aguani, Founder of Glen's Rest, to see if she could aid the fine Publican as she has helped so many in Vagabond Bay.  Her work exemplifies the compassionate vision I hope to see spread throughout the city.  With this in mind, I hereby appoint Madam Miriam Aguani to the post of Head of Health and Sentient's Services.  In these early days, the First Parliament has enacted no taxation upon the peoples of the city, and so I simply humbly request that whosoever believes in the mission of Miriam and has means, that they perhaps make a small donation so her work may continue."
It is said that many in the crowd were moved to donate to said noble cause by virtue of the First Speaker's kind elegance and taking into account his gentle state of blindness.

Bedlam follows the First Sitting of Parliament

There is also news on the streets of unrest in the wake of the first parliament's meeting. 
A Member of the Rainy City Parliament, Mr. L'Carpetron Dookmarriot of the Honorable Associations of Liars, was found Beaten and Close to Death while Sleeping in His Own Bed the night after the first parliament. He is now in recovery and expected to recover fully.
The Flood Street Descendants and the Flood Street Gentlemen have since been seen in the vicinity of his Prominence Bluffs home, threatening residents who pass too near it on grounds of suspicion of conspiracy against the Parliament and Right Governance. At least one citizen, Jabob Whist of Bluff Corners, has been stabbed in the streets by members of the Flood Street Descendants on suspicion of Failure to Inform Parliament's Agents of His Certain Knowledge about the Perpetrators of Wrongful Violence against a Member of Parliament.
Lord Boz of Hill Top, master of the Flood Street Descendants has announced "Ten Fold. Ten Fold! There will be blood until the blood of Dookmarriot is repaid."
Jabob Whist of Bluff Corners's final words were "I thought I was on Cranberry Street."

Monday, April 15, 2013

Seasons and Holidays of the Rainy City

The Quiet (a time of growth, molds and mildews, when the tar mines are alive, silver cliffs too)
  • Bellringer’s Day (new year) starts the Quiet
  • The Dragon Boat Festival (dragon boat races from Levee Town to Old Town)
Firelight (fires burn normally, food can be roasted and grilled instead of prepared with boiling salts, most smithcraft and fire based work is done now)
  • The Molten Man Festival (featuring throwing molten lead at a ruined castle wall in Old Town)
  • Bonfire Night at the peak of Firelight season
  • The Lantern Festival (holiday of the dead) ends Firelight and the lanterns go out themselves
The Rainy Season (fires do not light, fire based work is at rest, more refugees flood the town)
  • All Saint’s Day (religious observances following the lantern festival)
  • The Grand Salon (wizard’s show off their greatest magical inventions)
The Windy Season (stormy weather, fewer ships coming in past the swells)
  • Hunter’s Night (when the people of town ritually hunt the thunder god to attempt to kill him and stop the rains)

Growth, molds and mildews, the tar mines are alive with wealth, silver cliffs produces more ore. This is the season for planting.
The rainy city's new year's day festival, wherein the ringing of bells is used to drive away storm, wind, and evil spirits. A more detailed description of the holiday can be found in this older post on Bellringer's Day
The dragon boat races, from Levee Town to Old Town, when clubs and cults from every neighborhood  race to prove their worth over all others. There is no other festival in the city that brings the noblest of Embassy Row into direct contact (and competition) with the lowest Sump laborers. 
During Firelight, fires burn normally, food can be roasted and grilled instead of prepared with boiling salts, and most smithcraft and fire based work is done now. The rains continue unabated, but there is more warmth in the city, more wealth changes hands, and a great deal more smoking of every possible herb, leaf, and weed. The season has a darker side as well, as gun deaths occur during this season as well: the only time of year when blackpowder will light. Wizards are to be feared at this time, as well, for magical flames burn normally this season.
Smelters put on this festival, held in Old Town. At the height of the festival, Molten Men (smelters in heavy protective garments) hurl sparking hot metal droplets against the ancient stone of the old town wall, scattering sparks everywhere. 
Bonfire night is the middle of the firelight season, when fires burn hottest. Effigies representing old gods, famous wizards, and figures from folklore who can be blamed for the coming of the rains are paraded through the streets, burned, and tossed into the waters. 
The last day of Firelight is the feast and holiday of the dead. Lanterns are lit throughout town, hung from every window and door frame and floated down drainways. The Nimbus is filled with lanterns. And as Firelight passes into the rainy season, the lanterns are snuffed by the damp. When the last lantern goes out, the dead are put to rest and the rainy season has begun. 
The rains are heaviest at this time of year, and their influence strongest. Ordinary flames are weakest during this time of year, and magical flames do not light at all. The largest numbers of refugee ships enter the city during this season.
Originating in Levee Town, this is the holiday for veneration of saints, heroes, cult leaders, and petty gods. Parades are a major feature of the holiday, with cults competing to produce the most interesting float to venerate their favored versions of their favored saints.
Wizards hold this annual show of their greatest achievements in the Galeria at the top of Embassy Row. Only the richest and noblest can gain entry. Everyone knows it is held during the rainy season to ensure that no wizard destroys us all in flames. Everyone except the wizards themselves. 
Windy, stormy, gusty. Few ships make it past the swells this season, and of those that do, many crash into the rocks and are accosted by salvage and pirate gangs.
On this night, the people of the city ritually hunt the god of thunder, who it is said hides somewhere in town. If the people of the city could only find and kill him, the rains might stop, and the sun might shine once more. 

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One of my friends who plays in the Rainy City campaign, Jacque, has posted some info about Underharbor of Vagabond Bay, where the undersea races of the city make their home. Head over to her blog if you'd like a peek at this neighborhood of town. 

A Motion Put Forth by David, Representative of the Free Larval Junta, and Passed by First Parliament

The first public act of the Rainy City Parliament was put forth by David, Representative of the Free Larval Junta. It proposed something simple. That larvae are people too. That David is a person too. After vigorous debate the Act passed, over the most strenuous objections of Ichabod Banks, of the Wormers' Guild, whose very livelihood as a catcher and purveyor of finest fat larvae to the wizards was at stake. The Act reads as follows.

To the Good and Honorable People of the Rainy City:
It has been decided and therefore declared during the first Parliamentary meeting of the Rainy Season by the respective Publicans of the various establishments in the Rainy City’s ordinances, that the beings known as “Larvae” are people too; therefore, under this governance, they are lawfully considered equal beings to the other various intellectual species of the Rainy City.
Please direct any questions or concerns to your established and respectful Publican.
As recorded by Paige, Chief Recorder, on the First Sitting Day of the Rainy Season

Founding Members of the First Parliament

Following are the members of the original Rainy City Parliament. This list includes both PC and NPC led groups. This membership roll was a group effort, and many of the characters were also named by the players.

The Boxmen's League
Embassy Row
Geeth of the Fifteen Knuckles
The Blackcoats
Embassy Row
Bastion Octague
The Galleria
Embassy Row
Oberon, Curator of the Galeria
The Most Noble Association of Magister Tutors and Headmasters
Embassy Row
Victarian Queen
The Brotherhood of the Pump
Levee Town
Thomas Pumpman
The Fraternity of the Wheel
Levee Town
George Wheelman
The Free Order of Masons
Levee Town
Zebulon Tugg
The Dressmakers' Union
Levee Town
The Toolmakers' Union
Levee Town
Regus Jagg
The Congress of Patter
Levee Town
Foddy Qwopbeard
The Benevolent Order
Levee Town
Adonis Fane
Idleman's Guild
Levee Town
Idleman Mund
The Adepts of the Deluge
Levee Town
Lightfoot Pete
The Compassionate Association of Exorcists
Ebenezer Stoke
The Association for the Beneficial Incorporation of Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Michael Carmichael
The Renovators' Association
Jophesus the Mighty
The Smokers' Club
Scrappler Twoon
The House of Lords
Lord Boz of Hill Top
The Spouting Club
The Waft
The Spit-Farthing Club
Madame Poncier
The Honorable Association of Liars
L'Carpetron Dookmarriot
The Humdrummers' Club
Castor Blimp
The Surly Club
Fallow Lang
The Card Club
Fulcris the Screamer
The Cutters
The Punch Club
Directional Ted
The Alliance for the Legitimation of Shine
Dolorous Ed
The Moneylenders' Alliance
Cornelius Fink
Banthus's Elite Coaches
Pizarro's Dry Baths
The New Young Reality Appreciation Society
Sir Harbottle Grimston
The Society for the Organization of Parliamentary and Governmental Bodies for the Betterment of the Rainy City and its Good and Honorable People
Lord Chidney Bragg, The first First Publican and Founder of the Parliament of Grand Public House
The Baying Hounds
The Alchemists' Guild
Old Town
Harvard Dore
The Alchemists’ Guild
Old Town
The Thatchers' Guild
Old Town
Mister John Bench
The Hodgepodgers' Alliance
Old Town
Eleanor Swansea
The Molten Men
Old Town
Thor Havarthr
The Fellowship of the Quill
Old Town
Quincy Adams
The Corporation of Financiers
Old Town
Sputhet Feen
The Accountants' Convention
Old Town
Sylvia Spring
The Ferrymen
Old Town
The Reclaimers of the Grand Glen
Old Town
Alvin Allevious
The Clangers
Old Town
The Sandestin
The Worm
The Worm's Man
The Flood Street Gentlemen
Kind Michael
The Brotherhood of Cadgers and Badgers
Stairway Harry
The Flood Street Descendents
Lord Boz of Hill Top
The Hive
Malaris Tung
The Bythogoetic Assembly
The Mine Goblin Kingdom
Sutler Fjarn
The Silver Council
Tower Cliffs
Vance Sloss
The High Parliament
Tower Cliffs
Bartholomew the Bald
The Helvetians
Tower Cliffs
Diligentia Helveticus
Aurora DeSien
The Admiralty
Vagabond Bay
Admiral Chanticleer Wigg
The Diving Club
Vagabond Bay
Keeq da Sneak
The Zoologian Society
Vagabond Bay
Agatha the Master
The Puddingmen's Union
Vagabond Bay
Aloisius Grunt
The Noble Association of Fishmongers
Vagabond Bay
Sir Aberdaire Alderman, Earl of Fishmarket Way
The Free Larval Junta
Vagabond Bay
The Wormers' Guild
Vagabond Bay
Ichabod Banks
The Sons of Arn
Vagabond Bay