Friday, April 19, 2013

A Cartoon Printed on a Handbill and Found Nailed to the Door of Parliament House

In the days leading up to the second sitting of Parliament, a cartoon has been circulating throughout the city. This cartoon is found nailed to the door of the Grand Public House when the Publicans arrive for the second sitting. 
  • The scene is the interior great hall of the Grand Public House in session. 
  • The cartoon features a caricature of the blind First Publican, Alvin Allevious, his hands reaching out and gingerly touching the well-formed, pretty face of an otherwise grotesquely fat larva. 
  • The caption reads, "I see it! Yes, it is a human being!" 
  • All around are the Publicans of the city, with eyes bulging and hands held up as if to say "Stop!" but their mouths too stuffed with pies to object, and the Speaker too blind to see them. 

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