Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Motion from the Clanger's Guild, Second Sitting

"Whereas the Most Esteemed Fraternity of Thatchers has argued countless times that the Rainy City is beset by the Innumerable and Lingering Gargoyle Menace; and

Whereas the Fraternity of Thatchers has demonstrated a Marked Inability to deal fundamentally with Said Menace that they themselves have identified; and

Whereas there is an Urgent and Identifiable Need to determine the Level of Said Lingering Gargoyle Menace and the Extent to which the Fraternity of Thatchers' Abject Failure has contributed to the Continuation and Exacerbation of the So-Called Problem;

SO IT BE MOVED that the Most Right and Proper Grand Public House of the Rainy City shall amend its Standing Orders to establish a Permanent Parliamentary Commission on Roofing and Roosting to study, monitor, and regulate the matters of roofing construction, gargoyle infestation, and guild malfeasance in maintaining building coverings throughout the Rainy City;

SO IT BE FURTHER MOVED that the new Commission shall have a five Publican membership, with the chair chosen by the First Publican and the remaining four members selected through Nomination and Affirmation on the Floor of the Grand Public House; 

SO IT BE FURTHER MOVED that no representatives or members of the Fraternity of Thatchers shall be allowed to hold membership on the Commission, due to the Most Obvious and Considered Conflicts of Interest inherent in Said Situation.

Offered for Debate by Panchen Tor, the Right Honourable Publican Member for the Clanger's Guild."

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