Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Motion Put Forth by David, Representative of the Free Larval Junta, and Passed by First Parliament

The first public act of the Rainy City Parliament was put forth by David, Representative of the Free Larval Junta. It proposed something simple. That larvae are people too. That David is a person too. After vigorous debate the Act passed, over the most strenuous objections of Ichabod Banks, of the Wormers' Guild, whose very livelihood as a catcher and purveyor of finest fat larvae to the wizards was at stake. The Act reads as follows.

To the Good and Honorable People of the Rainy City:
It has been decided and therefore declared during the first Parliamentary meeting of the Rainy Season by the respective Publicans of the various establishments in the Rainy City’s ordinances, that the beings known as “Larvae” are people too; therefore, under this governance, they are lawfully considered equal beings to the other various intellectual species of the Rainy City.
Please direct any questions or concerns to your established and respectful Publican.
As recorded by Paige, Chief Recorder, on the First Sitting Day of the Rainy Season

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