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People of the Rainy City

Approximately 1.3 million sentient beings inhabit the Rainy City, and just about any sentient race can be found somewhere in town. Below is a sampling of some of the more common and less common races.

Some Humanoid and Sentient Races of the Rainy City
Humans (over a million)
Boggies (about a thousand)
Deep Ones (a couple thousand between Vagabond Bay, Rickety, and Brine Town)
Elves (two known)
Gargoyles (over a thousand)
Ghouls (hundreds)
Gnolls (more than a thousand)
Gulls (a few thousand)
Imps (a couple hundred)
Larvae (a few thousand)
Merfolk (five to ten thousand in Brine Town, but few come to the surface)
Mine Goblins (a few hundred)
Ratkin (numbers unknown, common in Vagabond Bay and at the Old Town Bazaar)
Reptile Men (hundreds, mostly scattered throughout the Sump)
Troglodytes (eight known)

Humans are the most common race in the rainy city. The humans of the city are a cosmopolitan mix of ethnicities, cultures, and creeds hailing from all the known worlds.
ST 8 DX 8 IQ 8 MA 10
8 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
Hero or wizard
Boggy (Swamp Halfling Remnant)
The most numerous of the remnant races, with their own neighborhood – Bog End, in the Sump – and their own comfortable culture. Many work as Sump Jacks. Some earn positions as Bottlers in the Tower Cliffs, as their naturally non-magical nature makes wizards less nervous that a boggy bottler would try to steal sorcerous secrets. Bog End is full of Will o’ the Wisps, and the boggies are somehow immune to their influence.
ST 4 DX 12 IQ 8 MA 10
6 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
Hero (no wizards)
+1 to all reaction rolls
+3 DX adj for missiles and thrown weapons and +1 damage with missiles and thrown weapons
Immune to Will o’ the Wisp enchantment
Long lived (hundreds of years)
Deep One
Deep ones aren’t really a race – they’re sufferers of a curse/plague that permanently infects its victims with the touch of the sea. Their eyes start to bulge, small gills appear on their necks, and in time they degenerate into fishmen. No one knows how you catch the deep plague. It is common enough around Vagabond Bay and Rickety to have become accepted among mariner and pirate crews, and Deep One merchants often mediate deals between the Underharbor merfolk and Old Town Bazaar. But it is still considered rather gauche in the Mids and Embassy Row, and anti-deep one sentiment runs particularly deep in Levee Town.
ST 8 DX 8 IQ 8 MA 10
8 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
Hero or wizard
Deep Ones may breathe both water and air
-1 reaction rolls to the middle and upper classes, -2 in Levee Town
Elf (Remnant)
The least populous of the remnant races – only two elves are known to live in the city. One is Jaelin the Charmer, who is whispered to have risen to some wealth from humble beginnings in the Sump. The other is the Gray Elf. He lives in a townhouse in a private corner of the Mids, but he frequently hires adventurers to accompany him on dives into the Ancient Academy. No one knows what he seeks there, but it seems he has not found it, for he has never yet even taken a single share of the spoils.
If there is another elf in the city, none have seen them.
ST 6 DX 10 IQ 8 MA 12 (unarmored), 10 (cloth or leather)
8 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
An elf is both a hero and a wizard and may select any mix of talents and spells at no extra cost and cast at no DX penalty
Roll one less die to find or notice a secret or hidden door
Live forever unless killed by accident or violence
Slow learners (all XP costs are doubled)
Found throughout the city, they perch everywhere, be it wizard’s manses in the Tower Cliffs, the guild houses and opera of Old Town, or the lodges and cult headquarters of Levee Town. They are especially common at the alchemist’s guild. Some people say they’re secretly plotting against the city. The Fraternity of Thatchers says they’re a menace, pure and simple. They remain simply silent on the matter, aloof, and stay among their own kind.
ST 16 DX 11 IQ 8 MA 10
No points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
IQ maximum is 10
Hero or wizard
Stony skin stops 3 hits/attack
Strike unarmed for 2d damage
Fly at MA 10
Do not favor missile or thrown weapons
React to strangers at -1 (suspicious, as their bodies are useful alchemical and magical ingredients)
Do not age
Do not consume organic matter (consume rocks)
Immune to poisons and disease, except for those specific to earth elemental beings.
Slow learners (all XP costs are doubled)
A community of ghoul sophisticates lives in a small but wealthy neighborhood in the Mids near Northscarp Catacombs. They are  perfectly civilized, albeit their carrion eating habits do not get them invited to many parties outside their own. They rot slowly and need sorcerous mending (equivalent of an Aid spell for 1 ST each week) to keep from rotting away, so they hire petty wizards and desperate apprentices to give them succor. Rumors that some of their members lurk in damp alleys and strangle fresh meat are categorically untrue.
ST 8 DX 8 IQ 8 MA 10
8 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
Hero or wizard
Ageless and undying, but rotting (lose 1 ST / week, can be renewed if beneficiary of Aid spell)
Immune to diseases and poisons
These tall, hunched hyena men dominate the mortuary trade, and not only in the Mids. Their services range from magical cremation for those who can afford it to… other forms of committal for those who cannot. Best not to think about the latter. They often work with renovators, and they fight with ghouls and gulls to protect the bodies in their charge. Gnolls are very vocal. Most humans go quiet during somber ceremonies and when entering fearful places like tombs. Most gnolls go on with their incessant chattering, howling, laughing, growling, and whining without regard to decorum or fear of the dead. Their talents with death makes them surprisingly adept with life, and some also enter the physician’s trade. They hate the weather. Gods, do they hate the weather.
ST 12 DX 8 IQ 8 MA 10
6 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
Hero or wizard
Claws and teeth count as knives
Resistant to disease (roll -1d on saves)
Smell death (treated as Alertness for noticing corporeal undead)
Smell disease (3/IQ to identify a disease in a body, -1d bonus to treat disease if using appropriate talents)
Bipedal humanoid seabird. Gulls are social, noisy, and intelligent. They fight gargoyles over cliffside nesting turf. They fight ratkin over treasures and antiquities. They fight ghouls over carrion. They’re organized into both turf-based gangs and more organized forms of crime (think Russian mob). Many are also members of pirate crews.
ST 4 DX 10 IQ 8 MA 10 (fly at MA 12 if unencumbered and not carrying anything in hands)
8 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
Hero or wizard
-1 reaction rolls, +1 if dealing with criminals
Wizards regularly summon imps to do their bidding, and if a larva is used in the ritual, the imp remains forever. The wizard can compel one service of the imp, after which the imp is no longer compelled. However, no imp can ever do direct violence against any wizard. Some imps choose to remain in the service of their creators, gaining the benefits of association with a wizard. Others choose to go free.
ST 6 DX 8 IQ 10 MA 10
6 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
Hero or wizard
Fly at MA 10
Attack with tail (any hex) as dagger + 1d poison damage (ST save negates)
Shapechange (self): choose two (spider, raven, rat, goat), in all cases you remain the same size
A ship from hell wrecked on the docks of Vagabond Bay two seasons ago, and thousands of larvae spilled out into the city, for the ship held more damned souls than any ship its size should have held. Larvae take the form of fat yellow worms with human faces. Most are three to five feet long and weigh 100-150 lbs. They have since spread through the city, living beneath the streets, behind the walls, and under the floorboards. If you can catch one, it may be worth some coin to a wizard: larvae are like magical silly putty and can be used to create permanent magical servitors. A few larva hunters have arisen since the wreck, but most people don’t want to touch them. A rare few of the boldest larva have emerged and begun attempting to enter society.
ST 4 DX 4 IQ 10 MA 4
8 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
Hero or wizard
No hands (if wizard, must cast verbally, so spell level must be at least 2 less than wizard’s IQ)
Slippery (hard to grapple, pin, hold, or trap: -1d to escape capture & squeeze through openings)
-2 reaction rolls, +1 from wizards… but watch your back
Mermaids and mermen have their own neighborhood below Vagabond Bay, and some emerge to trade in the city from time to time protected by spells and incantations. During the rainy season, they can breathe freely even above the waters, so they do much of their trading at this time. They still do not have legs, however, unless under the effects of a shapechange spell, so usually they must hire stevedores or other porters to carry them about on palanquins when on land.
ST 8 DX 8 IQ 8 MA 10 (swimming)
8 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
Hero or wizard
Must stay wet and have a magic item or spell of Fresh Water (as Fresh Air for water breathers) if not immersed in water, unless it is the rainy season.
Fight underwater with no DX- with knives, pole weapons, and nets
Fight at -4 DX out of the water
MA 2 on land
Bonus Talents: Swimming, Diver
Mine Goblin (Dwarf, Nome, and Goblin Remnants)
The remnants of the ancient dwarfish peoples have a small mining hold built into the sides of the north scarp of the Tower Cliffs. They are renowned as smiths and enchanters. Most stick to the Silver Fall Mines and their own deeper digs, but some work as expert foundation buttressers for wizards and ambassadors.
ST 10 DX 6 IQ 8 MA 10
8 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
+1 damage with hammers, maces, and axes
Double carrying capacity
Hero, but may learn certain spells at no extra cost and cast them at no penalty:
  1. Any Creation spell
  2. Any of the following specific spells: Analyze Magic, Detect Magic, Dissolve Enchantment, Explosive Gem, Expunge, Magic Item Creation (Lesser), Magic Item Creation (Greater), Remove Cursed Object, Reveal Magic, Spellsniffer, Weapon/Armor Enchantment
Long lived (hundreds of years)
Often work as junk traders, antiquarians, scavengers, and scholars of the old, the odd, and the antique. Their nests are mostly in Vagabond Bay but can be found anywhere on business, especially the Old Town Bazaar. Most dislike ships and avoid sailing professions, but the rare exceptions are welcomed as passengers or crewmembers by sailors, who view a ratkin as a good luck charm for a vessel.
ST 6 DX 8 IQ 10 MA 10
6 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
Hero or wizard
Resistant to diseases and poisons (roll -1d on saves)
Reptile Man
There are a few hundred reptile men in the city, mostly living in the Sump. Some hire themselves out as bodyguards. Others work with diving crews attempting to recover treasure from the old city ruins that lie beneath neighborhoods throughout town.
ST 14 DX 8 IQ 8 MA 10
8 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
Hero or wizard
-1 to reaction rolls (except other reptile men)
HtH damage is double that of a human of equivalent ST
Tail is a 1d weapon against opponents in rear hexes (this counts as an attack)
Bonus Talents: Swimming, Diver
Slow learner (all XP costs are doubled)
Eight troglodytes are known to live in the city. All live in the Sump. Two work as enforcers for Mad Dog Konstantinos. The others work scraping rot off the the stilts and poles of Sump houses and repairing the rot.
ST 8 DX 6 IQ 6 MA 10
8 points to distribute between ST, DX, and IQ
Hero or wizard
Emit a disgusting secretion when provoked. For the next 10-30 minutes, all adjacent must check ST or become nauseous (-1 penalty to all tests)
Chameleon-like skin, roll -1d to hide
Bonus Talents: Swimming, Diver


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