Friday, April 12, 2013

Publicans and PCs -- The Sandestin

The Sandestin
“There has always been a Sandestin in the Rainy City. And there always will, you vituperative snotbag.”
Loquacious Germaine, the 18th Sandestin, a Right Cur and Hunter of Beasts
A title without any obvious meaning, an office without any apparent purpose, the Sandestin is a curious footnote in the historical lore of the Rainy City. Founded outside the living memory of anyone currently residing in the Rainy City, the Sandestin appears to be a non-noble title and office with neither a clear remit nor tangible resources at its disposal. It is sponsored by no faction, lobbies for no groups, and exhibits no drive to affect the city in any broad or beneficial manner. The Sandestin seems simply to exist for existence’s sake. Publicly known by the trademark dark-lensed goggles that all previous placeholders have worn, the Sandestin strives to serve the needs of the Sandestin itself, whatever that could be. It is to some commentators a perfect example of a long-ago entered into banal pretension taking on the historical crust of traditional ritual and import, but those same commentators don’t dare say that to the Sandestin’s face!

There have been twenty two Sandestins in the Rainy City, stretching back nearly 400 years. What the connection is between the men (and it is always men) who have taken up the title over the years or how they were selected is a mystery. Some Sandestins were more prominent in the public consciousness than others, but recently solid information has become harder to come by, washed away as it is by time and the rains. For those that even known of the Sandestins and speak of such matters, there is unsubstantiated supposition that the Sandestin is one man, immortal but ever-changing, but this is most certainly foolish twaddle.

The Most Recent and Remembered Placeholder

Jhail Fassbender, The 22nd Sandestin
*An erudite but reclusive man, the current Sandestin lives in a difficult-to-locate and crumbling tower in Old Town, where he occasionally offers scribal services (although curiously not as a member of the Fellowship of the Quill) to discerning members of the public. For those rare times he is seen moving about in the public eye, the 22nd Sandestin is known for his odd raiment: layers of loose black and gray clothing; a long duster coat with patches of seal skin affixed for waterproofing; black fingerless gloves; dark red scarf and facial wraps, the traditional large dark-lensed goggles; and a floppy black hat, wide-brimmed, pulled low, with long black scraggly hair jutting out beneath it.

A character and faction from one of the players (Thanks Andrew!). 

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