Saturday, April 20, 2013

Statement from the Speaker's Chair, Second Sitting

Statement from the Speaker's Chair
The Second Sitting, First Session, First Congress of the Grand Public House of the Rainy City

Most Right and Honourable Publicans of the Grand Public House,

It is with Great Sadness and Melancholy that I open this Sitting of the House, for it seems that in the Intermediate Period since we last took the Floor and embarked upon this Grand and Proper Governance of the Rainy City a Vile Outrage was perpetrated upon one of our own. While the Right Honourable Publican from the Honourable Association of Liars demonstrated in our Inaugural Sitting a level of Vociferousness and Free-Thinking not yet displayed in many other Publican members of this House, he in no way deserved the Physical Remonstrances that he received because of it. That this Poor Circumstance has now descended into Base Calumny cheapens further the Most Noble and Decent Experiment in Right Governance that we have embarked on.

In looking back through the Sandestin lore I have at my disposal, I came upon a most startling fact to which I was wholly unaware. Roughly 360 years ago, Inar Balamorus, the 2nd Sandestin, was at the forefront of a Failed and Forgotten Effort to provide Parliamentary Government to the Rainy City. In an attempt to contextualize the failure of his effort, Balamorus emphasized in a written account that it was Acrimony, Hostility, and Savagery which undermined Decorum and Comity between Constituencies. Ponder this Essential Statement for a Moment...

This Vital and Necessary Effort to establish a Legal Order in the Rainy City will founder on the rocks if we indulge only our Base and Animalist Nature in our associations with these proceedings. I urge all Right Publican members of this House to exercise restraint when it comes to the Give and Take of Reasoned Debate, so that Unfortunate and Tawdry Episodes, such as the Recent Contretemps with the Right Honourable Member from the Association of Liars, do not continue.

As Speaker of this August and Noble House, I am empowered by the Standing Orders to maintain the Concord of the House Floor. If Publican Members demonstrate an Inability or Unwillingness to respect Fellow Members outside the Confines of the House Proper, steps shall be taken to extend the Peace of the House beyond these most limited but sturdy walls.  

Do not needlessly cast us down to the Ruin of Our Forebearers. We are all that is left. We can be better.

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