Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Reclaimers of the Grand Glen and the First Publican Respond to the Bedlam

Upon hearing news of L'Carpetron Dookmarriot's misfortune, the First Publican, Alvin Allevius, rushed to his residence accompanied by a delicate lady physicker who wore a blue and gold bonnet and dress. They were accompanied by a strong blond youth who kept watchful eye on the pair. As the lady finished her healthful ministrations to the wounded Mr. Dookmarriot, the First Publican stood on the front stoop of the Right Honorable Dookmarriot's residence and made the following speech:
"Many have memories of happier times before the deluge claimed their homes and brought them into the arms of the Rainy City, but for others the City is all they've ever known.  This first parliament is a grand experiment, to bring together all, to negotiate some kind of peace, and to bring about the improvement of our circumstances.  These are early days and mistakes will be made, but we must try as best we can. L'Carpetron Dookmarriot is a fine gentleman who I expect will make an excellent Publican, as he has so far.  This attack has troubled me, and so I summoned Miriam Aguani, Founder of Glen's Rest, to see if she could aid the fine Publican as she has helped so many in Vagabond Bay.  Her work exemplifies the compassionate vision I hope to see spread throughout the city.  With this in mind, I hereby appoint Madam Miriam Aguani to the post of Head of Health and Sentient's Services.  In these early days, the First Parliament has enacted no taxation upon the peoples of the city, and so I simply humbly request that whosoever believes in the mission of Miriam and has means, that they perhaps make a small donation so her work may continue."
It is said that many in the crowd were moved to donate to said noble cause by virtue of the First Speaker's kind elegance and taking into account his gentle state of blindness.

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