Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The State of the Game

Parliament is in session.

We've recently started gaming in the rainy city again, this time for the birth of the rainy city's first true parliament. We're four session into the new campaign, and it's picking up momentum, so I thought I'd start posting some of the materials to the blog. My plan is to begin with a series of posts to catch the blog up to what's happened so far in the campaign. This should lead to an initial flurry of activity as I move archived materials from email and notes to the blog. Once I'm caught up on those, I'll drop down to a more reasonable posting schedule tied to our gaming schedule.

Our current campaign pattern is like this: we game every Friday (with 6-10 players). Two of us (me and Andrew Devenney) trade off GMing duties, with him running two weeks, then me running two weeks, and so on.

His campaign is his First Cities campaign, a sandbox featuring our tribe of bronze age steppe nomads entering the region of the first cities at the dawn of civilization. It uses D&D 3.5 E6 a chassis, with a completely overhauled economic system and an added set of rules for the growth or decline of tribe in light of our actions. I'll leave it to him to talk about it more if he's interested.

On my weeks, I'm running a campaign centered on the rainy city parliament, which I'll be talking about in the coming posts. Think Georgian era London and the enlightenment for the time period analog, and you'll have the vibe, with the caveat that the city itself is a pastiche of Georgian London, Dying Earth style post-apocalypse, and modern Hong Kong (where I was living when thinking about some of this). The rainy city parliament campaign is powered by The Fantasy Trip, but it shows a strong D&D influence because the previous rainy city campaign was a thief/heist campaign using D&D (BECM/Rules Cyclopedia).

The posts themselves will include actual prep and actual play reports, not just musings about a campaign. Parliament is in session, and it's already proving to be a positively dangerous idea for the people of the city.


  1. That's a highly unusual campaign backdrop you have created. Love to hear more of it.

    1. Glad to hear it. I'll have a bunch of things to add about it coming up, and it's always good to know someone's reading!

  2. I've toyed w/ the idea of writing a little about the First Cities campaign. Maybe now I will...

    1. You should.

      You could use the space not only to talk about the setting assumptions and campaign structure, but also to track some of the groups we've encountered (which would be useful for all of us -- though I know we're taking notes). Throw a copy of the big map up to show how that's done (and talk about how it helps to structure play). Maybe even unpack the "behind the scenes" info on some of the encounters in the case of more independent sites that we've already explored.

      Lots of potential.

      You could set up a blog specifically for it and link it to you G+ or just use G+ for it. I like blogger because it's easier for people to "stumble on" than a G+ post.

    2. Yeah, I would mostly likely either find a way to frame it for Play the Past or post it on my own blog. Once I get past the next couple of days of schedule hell, I'll seriously think about it...