Monday, June 23, 2014

Another Good Year

It has been another good year at Superhero Necromancer HQ. Last I posted, I was running the Rainy City Parliament campaign using The Fantasy Trip. Some of my previous posts give a bit of the flavor of the campaign, which was the second campaign run in that homebrew setting (the original Rainy City game was more heist oriented and used Rules Cyclopedia D&D). A lot of the real meat of the Rainy City Parliament campaign occurred when I wasn't updating the blog. That campaign continued through the end of 2013. If the mood strikes me, I may go back and post some of the prep and post-game materials that came out of the campaign. As for this year, I have switched over to running a RuneQuest 6 campaign.

We play every Friday night, switching off GMing duties. Over the past year, our main games have been The Fantasy Trip, ACKS, and RuneQuest 6, with multi-session runs of Night's Black Agents and Stars Without Number and a session or two each of Spycraft, Dungeon World, Torchbearer, and Changeling: The Dreaming.

The RuneQuest 6 campaign I am running right now is set in a corner of the same homebrew setting as a friend's ACKS game. We have a shared blog (Tales of Hrimgate) about it that I haven't contributed to (yet?). I will probably never be a very good blogger. It has always been a thing that happens on the occasions when it happens, and I don't expect that will change. But I feel like posting about RuneQuest 6 today, so I thought I'd lead in with this short transitional post.

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