Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cultures of the North: Avenian

Avenian (Barbarian Culture)     

Standard Skills
Brawn, Drive, Endurance, Evade, Locale, Perception, Stealth   

Combat Style: Avenian Heroic Clash
Primarily fights with Shortspear and shield (“Scutum” or “Viking Shield”) or Longsword and shield (“Scutum” or “Viking Shield”). Also trained with Longspear, Javelin, Dagger, Hatchet, Battle Axe, Short Bow. Historically, their elites went to battle in chariots, but this is rare now that their only free kingdom is in bog and moorland.

Wild Abandon (Benefit)
Style is wild and frenzied, with the violence punctuated by war cries to intimidate foes, making any psychological resistance rolls inflicted on an opponent one grade harder.   

Professional Skills
Art (any), Courtesy, Craft (any), Healing, Lore (any), Musicianship, Survival, Track   

The Avenians, like their island kin the Ivarians, have been in the north for a thousand years. They arrived during the waning days of Hyperborea, battling the Fomorians of this land. When the Vanoran empire first entered the north, the Avenians were already here. Vanor conquered many of their lands in those days, though it never extended its might north of the Bulwark or west to the Ivarian isle.

Avenians are the most populous people of the north, making up much of the peasant and thrall classes, and having their own gentry and merchants as well. They have just one free kingdom, in the cold bogs and moors along the northernmost coast near the territory of the nomadic Kemi. There in that kingdom, their tongue is still spoken, though it has been lost in much of the rest of the north to the speech of the Hothar.

Avenians are renowned tale tellers, bards, and musicians. Some still hold to the old chthonic religions, though many have converted to the cult of the Reborn Sol.

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