Friday, July 11, 2014

Cultures of the North: Dwarf

Dwarf (Nomadic Culture)     

Standard Skills
Athletics, Conceal, Deceit, Endurance, Insight, Perception, Stealth   

Combat Style: Dwarven Raiding
Dwarves favor weapons kept easily at hand. The Knife. The Dagger. The Club. The Hatchet. The Sling. They also train to fight with Short Sword, Long Sword, and Short Bow.

Scrapper (Benefit)
When using the Change Range action, the foe’s opposed roll to maintain range (Evade) or meet the character with an attack are made at one difficulty grade higher.     

Professional Skills
Art (any), Craft (any), Commerce, Culture, Language (any), Lore (any, esp. Dwarves, Dragons), Navigation, Survival   

Dwarfs are a vagabond people. They are wanderers and merchants, crafters and teachers of the secret crafts. Their skills are highly valued, though they are feared as well. For it is well known that the dwarfs hold an unnatural awe of the dragons and their hoards. When dwarfs find a dragon, they steal away its hoard to attract it to a sacred cave where they will worship it. This is dangerous work, and it can lead to an angry worm that brings ruin to all the people of a region, dwarf and man alike. Dwarfish sojourners scour the north, often traveling alone or with a few trusted brethren, seeking the dragons. Dwarfish clans live nomadic lives too, traveling throughout the north on strange pilgrimages to worship their wormish gods.

Dwarf Characteristics
STR    1d6+8    9-14
CON    2d6+9    11-21
SIZ    1d3+6    7-10
DEX    3d6      3-18
INT    2d6+6    7-18
POW    2d6+6    3-18
CHA    3d6      3-18

TRAITS: Night sight, earth sense

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