Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cultures of the North: Ivarian

Ivarian (Barbarian Culture)     

Standard Skills
Athletics, Brawn, Endurance, First Aid, Locale, Perception, Stealth   

Combat Style: Ivarian Heroic Clash
Primarily fights with Shortspear and shield (“Scutum” or “Viking Shield”) or Longsword and shield (“Scutum” or “Viking Shield”). Also trained with Longspear, Javelin, Dagger, Hatchet, Battle Axe, Short Bow.

Skirmishing (Benefit)
The style permits launching ranged attacks while at a run (but not while sprinting). It is common for Ivarians to carry 3-4 javelins at ready, which can be thrown while charging into battle without needing to “Ready Weapon” between throws.    

Professional Skills
Art, Courtesy, Craft (any), Healing, Lore (any), Musicianship, Survival, Track   

Hundreds of warlords and chieftains battle to protect their petty kingdoms on the isle of Ivarland, a land of green hills and cattle to the west. There is one great Iotar trade city on Ivarland, but the island has proven difficult for the Iotar to conquer. It remains yet free of the snow elves as well, though the cold elven storm wall hugs its northern coast. The Ivarians say that the elves remember that it was the Ivarians who defeated the Fomorians, and they know better than to invade the isle. For their part, it is probably true that if the Ivarian chiefs could put aside their own raids, feuds, and wars for even a moment, they could surely drive the Iotar from their island.

But they have not managed it yet.

Fomorian tombs line the northern and northwestern coasts of Ivarland, and old stone megaliths abound in the land. But it is the Ivarians who have the strongest church of Sol in the land, the church of the Reborn Sol, and the deepest education in literacy and theology. The old religions still hold sway in some chiefdoms yet, however, and even in Sol dominated lands tales of Brikachya the forge-fire-goddess and her fellowship are a common part of the bard’s tales.

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