Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Street Fighter: the Storytelling Game 20th Anniversary Edition

White Wolf made one great game. Street Fighter: the Storytelling Game. It was a bright, colorful spot of adventure in their relentlessly dreary catalog. Released the same year as that dire gray thing, Wraith: the Oblivion, accompanied by apologetic articles in their magazine about how it wasn't a case of selling out, and tied in its advertising to that embarrassing 1994 Street Fighter live action movie, maybe it never had a chance. And perhaps because they didn't know any better, they made it a very ugly book, with a very ugly cover and very ugly original interior art alongside some good official Capcom artworks.

Yet they also made it glossy and full color in a world where there were few full color gamebooks, and it was sold at a low price point even in its day ($14.94).

Who knows what White Wolf was thinking?

It went out of print more or less immediately. Most of White Wolf's fanbase wasn't going for it, and the gamers who wanted a fun action adventure game weren't going for it either -- it couldn't possibly be a game that embraced actual fun -- it was a White Wolf game. Right?

But the game! The game was better than it had any right to be. A modern martial arts action adventure game, a game in which you got bonuses for shouting out the name of your martial art move when doing it (shoooooryuuuuuuuken!), a game featuring a cutaway map of the villain's evil lair in its antagonists book, a game in which you can get in a fistfight with a robot to see who is the best at punching!

Goddamn, White Wolf. You did something right.

Now a fan has drawn together all the game's core rules into a single re-release. All the genius of the fast playing martial arts action adventure game that still stands as the best entry into the field of martial arts RPGs.

Nothing before or since has gotten kung fu roleplaying so right.

Download it here!

Download it. Play it. Remix the source files to make your own personal Street Fighter dream game.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Montana Event

We've lost Montana. 

Our current intelligence is limited, but communications from our embedded agent at Malmstrom Air Force Base strongly support the theory that a xenothropic entity has control of most of the state. Satellite imagery corroborates that large parts of the state are currently reality adjacent. Ordinary Americans are finding the idea of visiting the region subconsciously abhorrent and are cancelling family vacations, rerouting road trips, and electing to stay at college during the summer instead of returning home. More worryingly, our agents in homeland security have identified a number of suspected basement-infected military contractors, rogue agents, and global "adventurers" who have entered the U.S. via PDX, SLC, or DEN. Given these entry points, the conspiracy suspects that these rogue elements are converging on the region.  

Malmstrom Air Force Base remains under our control. This will be your entry point. From that site, you will be equipped for your insertion at the Berkeley Pit, which we believe to be the center of the incursion. 

All communications into and out of the Berkeley Pit area have gone silent. You are to verify whether this is the source of the breach, analyze the xeno-etiology of the event, estimate the percentage of the state population that has become infected, and identify the nature of the xenothropic entity at its origin. You are then tasked with a safe return to Malmstrom base for debriefing and extraction.

This mission is categorized high risk for UAS. Proceed with caution regarding the behaviors of yourself and your fire team.  

Good luck and Godspeed.